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21 November 2018 2 comments


Gosh, is it that time of the year already? ;)

Today I'm bringing you a festively rosy makeup look, perfect for an evening, and featuring the most gorgeous palette that I didn't think I would, but have been dipping into daily..





Products used:

I'd like to think that this look is suitable for everyone.

Whether you've pale or dark skin, whether you're adept with a crease brush or absolutely not.

I've shared a few festive looks on BTB over the years - this one suitably scarlett, and this one bronze and blushing. Cult Beauty are happily behind this post, sending over a selection of products from November's Brand of the Month - Huda Beauty - and as soon as I set my eyes on the New Nude palette, it was glimmer and merry sparkle from there on out..

I have never considered myself to be.. one among Huda Beauty's target demographic. I generally steer clear of 'Insta-glam' makeup - it just doesn't seem up my strasse. But I'd like to think of myself now as somewhat of an ambassador for Huda Beauty makeup for 'the everygirl' and creature of incredibly classic tastes. Because let me tell you, I am so impressed with what I've tried.

I've never applied and blended matte shadow so "expertly" (massive quotation marks but it's all relative! And relative to my usual shoddy job it seems fair to call this expert! ;), nor have I had a powder that keeps foundation on my chin quite so well 'through all weathers' (aka falling asleep with my face smushed into my arm).

In my eyes, makeup like this is all down to application and what you pair it with, and with a very light base, no highlighter and little else on the face, I think it works for even the most timidly-makeup-minded among us. And I'm hoping I've rather demonstrated that with today's holiday look.

Really very easy. No skill nor expensive/quality brushes needed (as I arguably have neither). Suitable for all your upcoming Christmassy soirees :)

Huda Beauty New Nude Palette - swatches and review - Barely There Beauty blog

F A C E 

I started with my base and brows first - although a bit of fallout from the metallic/glittery shadows might warrant doing eyes first, but really with a base this effortless, cleaning up and smudging a bit more foundation under the eyes is no hardship.

So on with a light layer of CT's Light Wonder foundation via a Beauty Blender, and her Brow Lift pencil in Supermodel for the brows, keeping them lightly defined. I use a little of the Hourglass Vanish stick as concealer for blemishes if needs be.





Onto the eyes, and into that palette.

I wanted to veer away from my usual one-and-done shadow approach and actually use a number of the shades so I've gone for a diffused selection of mattes, and a thick liner of a bronze/copper metallic. So if you want to recreate it, here's what I did:

- firstly, a sweep of 'Bare' (a creamy tone) from lashline to almost brow, followed by 'Teddy' (a warm, pinkish-brown and my favourite matte shade) loosely into the crease.

- a little of 'Secret' (similar to Teddy but more pink/mauve) into the crease and wash over the lids.

- a dab of 'Raw' (a burnt, warm red-brown) mixed with 'Tease' (a warm purple) into the outer corners for depth. Then the same two shadows mixed on a pencil brush to go under the eyes.

- the palette has a cream concealer (handily named 'Concealed' and actually a very thoughtful touch), so a little of that in the very centre of the lid, close to the lashline as a bit of a base for the next step.

- with an angled/small brush, pat in 'Charmed' (a warm bronze with a deep copper shift/undertone and my favourite metallic shade) along the lashline in a 'thick liner' sort of shape - the concealer helps the shift seem more pronounced in the centre of the eyelid so it looks like you're wearing more than one colour/have put in more effort ;)

- no liner as such, so just add mascara top and bottom, and that's les yeux c'est fin!

It may already be clear to you that I really like this palette but let's reiterate ;) I was saying to F the other day that I haven't felt this enthused by an eyeshadow palette in a long time. But the mattes are superlative and make it possible for blending-noobs like I to do a good job, and the metallics are creamy, rich and pigmented in a way that a lot of other shadows aren't.



Back to the look, after any cleaning up under the eyes that may be necessary, it's onto the Huda Beauty Easy Bake powder. I just lightly dab my Beauty Blender into the mesh and set under the eyes and on my chin. I find this shade (Pound Cake) pigmented and brightening enough that I don't need concealer at all - which is perfect as anything I try creases on me due to my eye shape.

I had fears this powder might be a little too heavy for me, but apart from the fact it's perfumed, I couldn't enjoy it any more. In fact, it might top my absolute powder favourites like Laura Mercier and Dior's loose powders. It really seems to lock everything in without looking powdery.


I always find a little of an Ambient Lighting powder on the cheeks (I like Dim Light and the bronzer most) helps make blush blend and last better, without loosing any radiance and looking too matte. The latest Ambient Lighting palette is similar to the first, which has been one of my favourite beauty products full stop. 

For blush, I actually dipped into 'Teddy' and 'Secret' from the eyeshadow palette with a slightly larger brush, took the excess off on my hand first, then swirled on. A little trick to help tie the look together, and these shadows blend so well that I'm able to use it!

L I P S 

Just lips to go and we're finished.

Nude or red, nude or red - the perpetual question!

The Demi Matte in Mogul has lovely peachy-brown undertones and isn't too fair a shade, which I personally feel can look ever so unflattering on me, and a creamy texture that swathes your lips in rich colour.

So nude?

Well, let's try the red too ;)

The Liquid Matte in Heartbreaker is quite a statement, decidedly bright red with a pinkish undertone, but the Francophile in me embraces a red lip in all their forms so I'm on board! A thinner, drier texture than the Demi Matte, it's not drying, and again, the colour is so rich and pigmented.




Mogul or Heartbreaker, what's your favourite?

I've plumped for the nude for now :)

And there she is, holiday makeup finished. A few things to add to your Christmas lists maybe? I think the mini Topaz palette is next for me..


Huda Beauty are Cult Beauty's November Brand of the Month so a perfect time to treat yourself with free worldwide shipping on any Huda order.


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