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25 November 2018 3 comments


Exactly a month before Christmas! (wasn't it September about a week ago?)

For the last couple of years, I can't say I've felt too Christmassy, and left the shopping, wrapping and all that until the very last minute.. But this year is a very different and more festive matter!

I've already got part of our shopping done and dusted, in a very relaxed and casual manner, and so let me give you a little hand with yours :)

I didn't want to cop out and do an affiliate 'boutique' but perhaps ought to have split things up into different posts for the sake of my sanity creating these really-quite-time-consuming Photoshop collages, but alas, I've squished in over 180 ideas here for you, many of them my personal favourites; for him, for her, for the little ones, for the home (and just like last year, ideas for filling up those stockings), I hope you find something you love! xx


I'm pretty surprised and pleased with myself that so many of these pieces are entirely affordable! I suppose I'm subconsciously giving myself the green light to treating myself aren't I? ;)


1. Star print wrap dress (UK | US) // 2. Pussy bow blouse // 3. Cosy cropped jumper
4. Shades of red bow heels (UK | US) // 5. Chic red chain crossbody // 6. Suede jacket (NEED)

7. Hopelessly chic dotted bra and matching underwear // 8. Cognac blazer
12. Velvet bow mid heels (UK | US) // 13. Scallop-edge shirt // 14. Bow earrings


Just a little window into what's wonderful out there in the beauty world at the moment. I've included some of my favourites from the year like Lixirskin and my favourite sheet masks, makeup bags and perfumes. Christmas is always a great time to snag yourself a value set and save some pennies too, so please do feel free to treat yourselves as well as your loved ones ;)


1. Christophe Robin volumising rose haircare set (UK | US)
2. Kristin Ess haircare - the mask and leave in conditioner in particular

6. Amore Pacific skincare set // 7. GloPro kit // 8. La Mer gift set - a big saving on this one

12. The best makeup bags - can be personalised too. // 13. A natural beauty duo from RMS

14. My mother's favourite Korean skincare // 15. May Coop - sheet masks and the cult Raw Sauce
16. Mamonde skincare gift set // 17. Jason Wu perfume (UK | US)

18. Oribe gift set (UK | US) - a dead cert winner of a gift in my eyes! // 19. Kora body oil 
20. Lixirskin skincare - the Vitamin C, Soft Clay Rubber and Retinol in particular


Probably my favourite category ;) For all the kitchen dwellers and readers of cookery books in bed.


3. My favourite cooking pot - sounds dull but it's gorgeous

7. Or just a chocolate one if you prefer! // 8. Pasta machine (making fresh pasta has changed my life)

9. Do Sourdough book // 10. Japanese Shoyu  // 11. Room For Dessert book (exquisite and another need)

12. Gold filigree cutlery (UK | US) // 13. Chic measuring cups // 14. Make your own fresh cheese
18. Recipes journal (UK | US) // 19. The world's smallest and smartest sous vide machine


Had a little bit of help from F with this one :) For the special ones in your life.


4. Shaving gift set // 5. Silk pocket square (an affordable one at that) // 6. DAB radio (UK | US)
7. Fairisle sweater (UK | US) // 8. Leather washbag // 9. Fujifilm camera

16. A really lovely scarf - in camel, a burgundy tartan, or a dark navy and green.


I can't stop myself buying homeware at the moment. I say that as if it's a new thing though ;) I do think something for the home is the most lovely of gifts for a couple/friend who have just moved out/bought their first home etc.


1. Marble-y accessories - a marble tray and marbled agate coasters in this gorgeous green
2. Marble side table (that won't break the bank)
3. Himalayan salt shots - I just like how these look, maybe for tealights??

4. A matelasse bedspread (have and adore this) // 5. A cute calendar // 6. Another cute calendar
11. Metal trunk cases - could there by anymore chic a method of storage?
12. 'Places' candle - this particular one is orange blossom, vanilla and sandalwood for Kashmir but there's a Charleston one too which sounds fab

13. Cosy grey throw // 14. Burgundy leather diary 2019 // 15. Adorable notebook
16. Velvet floral cushions // 17. Aerin candle // 18. 'May I Come In' book - fascinating // 19. Trenchcoat mug 



1. Tulle embroidered tiered dress (UK | US) // 2. Sleepy cashmere gift set (UK | US)
3. Gold coin necklace (UK | US) // 4. Annie Leibovitz book (UK | US) // 5. Cat eye tortoiseshell sunglasses (UK | US)

6. Set of gloriously fancy soaps (UK | US) // 7. Embossed highlighting compact (UK | US)
8. The most beautiful, pink bra and matching underwear // 9. Some incredibly chic luggage (UK | US)
10. A la rose perfume (UK | US) // 11. Baby's breath gold plated earrings  // 12. Camel wrap coat (UK | US)

13. Balmain rose gold plated hair couture gift set (UK | US) // 14. Sisley skincare gift set (UK | US)
15. These beautiful mirrors (UK | US) // 16. Mulberry leather pouch (UK | US) // 17. Mulberry hued sofa


For snuggly nights in, the creature of comforts and those that enjoy a little pampering.


4. DIY lemon verbena bath bombs // 5. Silk eye mask (UK | US) - my favourite thing in life

9. Summer Fridays face mask // 10. This wonderfully-French-inspired candle (UK | US)


The latest and greatest for the somewhat tech-y. I've avoided things like iPhones, iPads, Apple watches etc as I wanted to share some perhaps less well heard of choices but of course they'd make a great and special gift too!


1. Polaroid analog Bluetooth camera (UK | US) // 2. Bluetooth speaker // 3. Mini 3D printer
4. Google Hub Home // 5. Interactive HD pet camera with treat dispenser!

6. Mini dual USB wall charger // 7. 3D pen // 8. Marshall speaker // 9. Leica camera (UK | US)
10. June Oven - a convection oven, air fryer, dehydrator, slow cooker, grill, toaster and proving drawer in one.

11. Wireless earphones // 12. Personalised luxury travel tech case // 13. DAB radio (UK | US)
16. PS1 classic mini console - for the nostalgic, comes with 20 preprogrammed retro games.


Small and/or affordable gifts for stuffing stockings to their brims.


1. Leonor Greyl haircare set (UK | US) - love this brand
2. 'The Art of Stripes' book (have this one and it's adorable) // 3. Silke London silk hair ties (life changing)

4. Set of 3 travel notebooks (UK | US) // 5. Beautiful bobbi pins // 6. Cashmere socks
9. Briogeo haircare set (UK | US) // 10. Becca glowing skin duo (UK | US) // 11. 100 movies scratch list
12. Katie Loxton pouch // 13. Knitted alphabet Christmas ornaments (UK | US) - get one for all the family!

14. Bee embroidered eye mask and makeup pouch // 15. 'Hello Gorgeous' phone case
19. Le Labo discovery set (UK | US) // 20. Diptyque Baies gift set (UK | US)

21. Kora gift set (UK | US) // 22. Iles Formula travel gift set (UK | US)


Gifts for all of those naughty little monkeys, and for new mums and dads. Some of these are so heartwarming and adorable it makes me want little ones myself!


6. Alice in Wonderland book // 7. Swaddling blanket ('Life grows lovely where you are' - my heart's going to burst!)

14. Doggy jigsaw // 15. Snowglobe biscuit jar // 16. Woodland finger puppet set (how cute!)

Happy shopping and happy festive season!