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18 September 2018 4 comments

We were staying really nearby to L'Isle sur la Sorgue so it was (relatively) easy to leave the retreat of our (entirely cosy and comfortable) bed and head down to the market that takes over the centre of town, just as it was starting to unfold.

L'Isle sur la Sorgue is a town and commune on the river Sorgue, famous for it's bustling antiques hub, and the corresponding market that takes place most Sundays.

We, however, went in the week and most of the little antiques stores were closed.. although no bother as there's plenty else to see.

More stalls of the fresh Provencal produce I'll never, never tire of.

Boulangeries of the finest baked goods seemingly on every street corner (whether the shop front or interior was aesthetically pleasing or not, the bread and viennoiserie were always good, a fact true of just about everywhere we went in Provence) - we had to treat ourselves to some croissants and pain aux raisins which were, as predicted, delicious.

Outfit details

I lived out my Provencal dream in this floral, button-down dress and the quintessential French market tote we picked up the other day. I love how these are anything but a fashion statement in France - man, woman, young, old, everyone brings along their straw bag of choice to stock up on their market fare. A much more civilised 'bag for life' as it were.. can we adopt this back in Blighty??

After a good wander around the picturesque, pastel avenues, we were what I can only describe as 'drawn off the streets with enchantment' by what turned out to be a cafe and patisserie; La maison jouvaud.

It was a sight for sore, epicurean eyes to be sure.

Tier upon tier of sweet treats unfurled before us as we wandered through the store, eyes beaming like the proverbial children in a candy shop. Tarts, pastries, glace fruits, chocolates - even though we'd had lunch, we had to give two of their patisseries a try. Mine, an apricot and creme pat. number, F's a dark chocolate slice of glory - both entirely different, both equally delicious.

L'Isle sur la Sorgue, you were a pleasure.