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9 September 2018 2 comments

S I M P L E   K N I T S

I'm really enjoying classic knits at the minute. A simple wrap or navy trim, the kind of timeless piece you'll wear for years.

I've seen the Tory Burch Kendra around a lot at the moment but it's a pretty pricey number! Marks do some great options if you're after more affordable cashmere and I love Gerard Darel or Winser knits - quintessential classics.

C L A S S I C   L O A F E R S

I am in love with these classic, tan loafers (when am I ever not in love with loafers? I own so many pairs yet still buy more.. the Madewell Elinor's are next on my list I think, although I'm contemplating venturing into a blue velvet pair..).

They go with everything. I've been wearing mine with jeans and one of my many breton tees, or lately with a tote bag and pleated skirt.

Speaking of which..

T H E   P L E A T E D   S K I R T

I didn't think I'd be a pleated skirt person but lo and behold.. I've quite a few now ;)

This pink maxi has a beautiful amount of swish and sway and just the right amount of sheen for a piece quite so inexpensive. It's a definite bargain at under £25 and you can use my code 'barelytherebeauty13' for 13% off this skirt and the rest of your order for the next few days (I'm not benefiting from it, just for you guys!)

R O S E   G O L D   A C C E S S O R I E S

I was recently sent this beautiful, rose gold watch, which I've been enjoying wearing even though I'm not historically been a big watch wearer..

Nor have I historically been a big jewellery wearer but perhaps I'm a changed woman! Rose gold accessories are nothing new but they've taken a recent boost in my affections, I'm building up quite a little collection now.

J U M P E R S   W I T H   D E T A I L S

Whilst I am the queen of plain clothing and neutral palettes, it's nice even for me every now and then to indulge in a little print, colour and detail.

Seeing as we're heading into autumn now, fine gauge jumpers are the perfect layering piece. I love this textured, pink one (the one in the photo above), made a little more interesting by a tomato-hued stripe around the edges, and this gorgeous bee-embellished number (a bit of a dupe for a Gucci equivalent).

(And I'd love to hear what your most coveted item of the moment is!)