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29 August 2018 3 comments

one. // Last of the summer peaches. We bought a basket of huge, juicy peaches from a local market and they've been an absolute pleasure to eat. The ripest, we've been guzzling raw and unadorned, juice dribbling down our hands (because they need nothing else), the more firm I've been using for my honey butter peaches and they're so delightfully moreish.

two. // Holiday planning! Looking up the spectacular views and beautiful, bucolic villages is making me really look forward to going (and especially picking restaurants ;). I've making a bit of an attempt to organise my holiday wardrobe too, and an organiser-app like Pureple is so handy to do so. I've been uploading/taking photos of the items I'm thinking of taking, and using the 'Outfit' section to create little collages of the clothes to see what might look good together. Fun and useful in equal measure.

three. // Autumnal fashion. We're going to be having a bit of an extended summer in the south of France, but I've already been buying autumnal pieces and stashing them for when I get back.. Here are a few pieces I'm loving right now!

four. // Simply Nigella. Such a great cookbook, F and I have been thumbing through it in the evenings and trying new recipes - roasted radishes and cornflake-encrusted chicken are a revelation.

five. // It not feeling humid at night, and being able to reinstate my thick cotton sheets and higher tog duvet - delightfully cosy.

six. // Getting a little influx of fashion PR - BTB first started out as a beauty blog but I wanted to expand it's subject matter to incorporate different aspects of my life, fashion being one, so it just feels.. really nice, to have brands recognise that and want to send me clothing. It's a small thing truly, but it's joyful :)

seven. // Confit herb cod (fresh oregano and chive) with homemade aioli and panzanella. And crushed avocado on oatcakes (or ryvita or whatever we have) with chilli flakes and crisy onions.

eight. // Crisp morning walks through the trees. I had to drop dad off for an early hospital appointment the other day and decided to go for a morning walk - it just made me feel so peppy and fresh for the rest of the day. And I bumped into a golden retriever puppy along the way so maybe that's the real reason.. ;)

nine. // My silk eye mask - makes getting to sleep a whole lot easier, and good quality sleep makes me one happy camper.

ten. // @itsmekellieb - a plus size, body positive blogger who I love to watch because she makes me feel I can wear whatever I want, whether it's 'flattering' or not.