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8 July 2018 1 comment

I'm having a bit of a reflective moment.

The kind where you've committed yourself to stopping, amidst the bustle of your ever-busy routine, to think about where where you are, and the little moments that make life what it is.

I know I have my 10 Things series but I don't tend to really purge my current thoughts, feelings and present ramblings into one post on here. Like the diary-like mentality I still sort of wish for this blog. I think it's because there's quite a bit going on behind the scenes that I'm not yet ready to document? I'd like to in time though.

Also there's always the option that no one would want to read it! ;)

There are a few things I hate about summer, that I don't remember hating until it comes around again each year. The first of which is hayfever. I've mentioned it many a time on Instagram especially already but why exactly it seems to be so bad this year I have no idea! Mornings are the worst by far. It wakes me up at around 5-6am and I've got to sit upright against the v-pillow and try not to sniffle too much as F tries his best to be supportive.. The heat as well. F's infamous for being 'the human-radiator' so cooling down at night is definitely a struggle in this weather!

But there are many things I love about this time of year.

Everything is decidedly lush and green in the garden. We've had bouts of giant peonies and beautiful cascading roses, and now we're onto produce in all it's glory. Fat green beans, that look far too heavy to hang so delicately from those spindly stems, entwining themselves with the peas. And it's the raspberries that have impressed me most this year. We've been getting a bowlful every few days, our rambling plant churning out beautifully sweet, sunsoaked fruit, plump and dark red from lazing about in the heat.

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There's a little lake nearby our house that's so beautiful this time of year. I love going down there with F in the evenings when it's cooler and the sun's starting to dip behind the trees, casting a golden glow about the fields (one that I would've liked to have captured more of had my camera not have thrown a tantrum and given up the ghost..). It's right about this time of year that the lighting around an hour before sunset is just the most beautiful light I've seen, picking up all the tiny particles in the air and sets them aglow - it gives me goosebumps.

I couldn't imagine living in a city again. I love being so close to rural, idyllic countryside now - it speaks to the very soul of me. I love that we're so close to London too, and that I can be there in under an hour door to door but I can't help but wear a little smile when, on the train home, I dip back into fields, greenery and wide, open space.

Today's post seems somewhat aimless in comparison to my usual. But I enjoy it's meandering and unimpeded nature. And I may well do more of these. I'll no doubt love looking back over these thoughts in months and years to come and remember what little moments were filling my head at the time. I think part of that instinctual rigidity regarding writing comes from school day's of writing essays and being drilled not to veer from the essay title, and to make sure you had a succinct intent and conclusion. All of which I can now eschew with sheer abandon now that I'm an Adult and can write whatever the heck I want ;)

So with that, here's to July, aimless meanderings, and eschewing with abandon :)