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25 July 2018 3 comments

If you like Petersham Nursuries, and let's be frank, I don't know a single soul who doesn't, then you'll love today's post.

F and I have fallen in love with New Alresford and the surrounding area. A quaint little town down on the peripheries of Winchester, it's dreamy in every sense. Monica, a human of impeccable taste and fellow Petersham-o-phile, recommended a visit to Long Barn so who were we but to heed her advice?

The first thing that hits you about Long Barn is the lavender. There's a drifting, floral sweetness about the entire place. We snuck round the back to a small field of lavender, bristling with bees.

After a quick bee-appreciation session (F is an especially big fan), we zipped around to the main entrance to escape the sun.

Inside, the store is set out beautifully, a nod to the modern but with oodles of rustic charm. F described it 'slightly less untidy than Petersham Nursuries', so there's a male perspective for you ;)

Homeware, tableware, jewellery work from local artists and craftspeople, it's a little treasure trove.

Little teetering towers of terracotta pots and vases.

Knick knacks for the gardening enthusiast. This little planting set is right up my street.

We of course had to make a pit stop at the cafe.

Lots of homemade cakes to be had - we plumped for a slice of vegan ginger cake, dark and sticky but not too sweet, delicious.

After a casual amble around the plants, I left with a couple of little trinket dishes for the table and a new lavender for the garden. We've got a couple of varieties already, including my beloved Strawberry Ruffles, which is having a pretty hard time in the heat.. Apparently he likes 'full sun' but clearly not to the extent of this heatwave..

I'd have loved to have taken home this clematis too mind you!

Outfit details

I haven't seen too much of it in the stores but I love jacquard clothing. I had a sort of tunic/dress affair that I wore to death with leggings at university. I saw this delicate, peachy wrap top and had to have it (and you lucky so and so's in the states get it in dress form too!).

It's gorgeously silky for the hot, summer weather, and what else was I going to wear with it but my favourite wide leg, linen trousers and my Birkenstocks? Predictable?

F said it had a pyjama-like quality about it, to which I replied 'yes dear, that's precisely why I like it' ;) And although I've branched away from my usual shades-of-blue spectrum, this soft peach-sorbet shade is hard to resist.

I hope you're all enjoying your week - and coping with the heat somewhat if you're in the UK!