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29 July 2018 5 comments

one. // playing 90's RnB in the car with the air conditioning entirely turned up.

two. // chicken sandwiches. I used to love these as a child - using up leftover's from mum's roast chicken the day before. These days it's the best roast chicken I can find/afford, pulling succulent pieces off the carcass, lemon and pepper mayo (homemade if I can be bothered, Hellmann's if not) and fresh homemade bread. Because everything tastes better between two slices of bread after all.

three. // Dad's been going to a special sort-of exercise class affair for his mobility/illness and the PT who runs it is just fantastic. He looks around 20 and as though he might be a bit of a 'lad' but he's anything but. Luke is incredibly sweet, patient and encouraging with my father and it's heartwarming. Gives you faith in humanity!

four. // Albeit a little impromptu, we plumped with a visit to Bath again for our recent anniversary (4 years!). I really think it's probably my most favourite place in the UK.. I love it so very much. And being back there again with my partner in crime was just an utter delight :)

five. // New Alresford. The most gorgeous, quaint little town on the outskirts of Winchester - F and I have fallen in love with the place. Not to mention the Petersham-Nursuries-esque secret they're harbouring, that I mentioned in my recent blog post!

six. // sitting out in the garden as dusk approaches with F to go on hedgehog watch! We've a fat little dumpling of a visitor who seems to have recently (rather aptly) set up home under one of our hedges.

seven. // laying awake with the blinds open at night. Partially for the breeze (or hope of one..), partially to watch the slight glow in the night's sky.

eight. // we've (somewhat) booked a holiday! Essentially just a base camp for now (in the south of France), but I'm so excited! Some pieces I've already got my eye on....

nine. // tumbling bundles of broad beans from the garden.

ten. // sitting barefoot on a set of grassy steps near the Lexicon in the evening, watching a beautifully lavender-strewn sky (and getting a touch of sweet, sweet breeze!).

eleven. // a bonus one - cottage garden planting, inspiration for it and Gardener's World. I'm not a big tv-watcher but Gardener's World is my hour of relaxed dreaminess :)

Let me know what's been making you happy of late!