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6 June 2018 4 comments


I go through foundation phases.

It's my favourite aspect of makeup to try, and I'm always intrigued when a favourite brand launches a new one.

Sometimes I prefer a powder foundation, occasionally I'll even opt for a matte, fuller coverage liquid, but most of the time, I always reach for something that feels and looks light on the skin, that evens out my skin tone a little but looks effortless and natural.

As we're into June now, today I'm sharing some of the summer ready, skin perfecting, barely there bases that float my boat. See you after the jumpbreak friends!

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I'm excited to talk about the new Chanel Les Beiges Tinted Moisturiser (UK | US). They've rejigged the formula so it's not the product you once knew. But that's no bad thing. The new formula is deliciously light and easy on the skin - I just apply with fingers or an Artis brush for speedy application. It's got a satisfying, gel-like quality that I wish all foundations could have, which makes it smooth and even out my skin beautifully.

An old favourite is Clarins' Instant Light complexion base. Again, it has that voluminous quality that makes my skin look and feel more plump and hydrated, without being shimmery or greasy. Rather than closely-matched skintone shades, these have a very sheer apricot, or pinkish hue that I find to lift and brighten skin that's looking a little tired (and if you can't get your hands on the Instant Light, the new SOS primer in 02 Peach (UK | US) would be a great alternative!).

Whilst the La Mer foundation (UK | US) does offer more coverage than the other products I've mentioned today, a) you can sheer it out with some moisturiser as I often do and b) it's my favourite base of all time so hard not to include! I think it really comes into it's own if you've 'middling skin' - a middle of the range skintone, and not too dry or greasy, that way, it's incredibly easy to apply and will give you perfect results all day. When I'm after a more sheer coverage, I mix it in equal parts with my Blossom Jeju lotion.

Another old favourite is the Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue (UK | US). I'm a big fan of Bare Minerals in general (their Rescue Remedy powder foundation, that really has nothing to do with problem skin, is my favourite, so versatile and long-wearing). The Complexion Rescue gives buildable coverage, and keeps shine and oil at bay - it's been a favourite for so long for a reason.

I bought the Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder foundation (UK | US) back in winter but managed to purchase the wrong shade by accident, so it's only been until recently that I've been able to wear it. But I think I'll be racing through the bottle fast because I've been wearing it most days lately. I do feel like it has a lovely skin-smoothing quality about it, not unlike the Unisex Healthy Glow, that makes it perfect for an easy everyday base.

Honourable Mentions

If you can still get your hands on the Estee Lauder EE cream, then I'd really recommend picking it up. I probably used it before any of the above products were on the scene and I still really enjoy it.

If you've drier skin than mine (I'm normal-combination) then the RFA Tinted Moisturiser might be worth a try. It's a very sheer, voluminous formula that's slippery in texture and gives a very dewy result without a hint of shimmer.

Left to right: Chanel, Charlotte, Bare Minerals, La Mer, Clarins

What are your favourite bases for summer??