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14 June 2018 3 comments

Today's post is in honour of the item in your wardrobe that you:

1) initially like the look of but then overlook instore,
2) lurks in the back of your mind as the regret of not purchasing creeps in,
3) is out of stock in your size when you finally go back days later to buy,
4) is available in your size in a different store yay!
5) becomes one of your favourite items of clothing.

I'll meet you after the jumpbreak for more ;)

Before we start, let me first share a little of my surroundings. If you've been a long time reader of BTB, you may have seen me mention one of my favourite, little-known escapes, hidden away in the Berkshire countryside.

Englefield House, or more specifically the garden, is only open on Mondays, meaning it's most likely to be incredibly quiet, and free for you to enjoy pretty much as your own.

Which F and I very much did.

It's a garden-lover's dream.

Moss-mottled stone walls draped in cascading roses.

Beautiful, natural planting, edged with box hedging.

And some seriously gorgeous roses that smell oh so sweet.

Outfit details: 

I thought it the perfect time to bust out this beautiful, ruffled maxi skirt - I've been loving and living in it lately. With it's tiered ruffles and slight high-low cut, it's wonderfully swishy and breezy for summer - I just want to go twirling about in it. It's so versatile, taking you from market shopping, with a straw bag and some ruffled sliders, to evening beach soiree with some tasseled earrings.

And a fine skirt to be wandering about an English country garden wouldn't you say?

And for the (not so) eagle-eyed among you, you'll notice I'm wearing the same broderie anglaise top as my last post. Very 'un-fashion-blogger' but what can I say - at least you know I really like it? ;)

I hope you're all winding down for the weekend and are all sorted for Father's Day! (feel free to rely on my gift guide here if you're all last minute ;)