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3 June 2018 1 comment

From a girl who used to wear exclusively black, a pastel blue top and heaven forbid white trousers seem like a big departure from those distinctly dark days!

I think I'm in a process of really honing in on my personal style, after consecutive phases of a) wearing all-black, b) worrying about my weight gain and what I can 'no longer wear', c) eschewing style altogether in favour of comfortable clothing and d) being sucked into fashion/Instagram/blogger trends that aren't actually very 'me'.

It's quite fun documenting the process here on BTB too. I recently started a new style series of 5 of my current favourite items in my wardrobe, and I'm absolutely adding this perfectly floaty, broderie top into the mix in retrospect - I've been wearing it incessantly lately!

I stumbled across it online and it's just as pretty in person - the perfect shade of pastel, cornflower blue. It's over 40% off at the moment too!

Outfit details:

Cornflower blue broderie blouse, Soft-white chinos, Blue crossbody (currently 30% off), Sunnies (UK | US), Tan sandals (similar)

I'll admit I picked up a size or two too large (it runs a little big) and I really ought to have swapped it out for a couple of sizes down but I just wanted to wear it already! So I'm not overly happy that my figure is lacking any shape whatsoever but hey, the extra volume in the material will be an excellent disguise for a summer food-baby right? ;)

I don't think I've worn white trousers of any description since I was a size 8, but these slightly cropped chinos are fab (again, could have sized down!). Without being thick and hot for summer, they're opaque, and come in different leg lengths and about 10 different colours - all for a steal too.

I always thought I was a brown bag person (especially if it's paper and filled with edible somethings ;) - either a tan crossbody or a dark Bayswater etc, but I'm into blue bags at the moment and I don't really know what's caused the sudden shift. Navy, cornflower, or a serene pale blue just like this one.

What pastel pieces are you loving at the moment?