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30 May 2018 6 comments

Whilst we've had some gloriously hot days in the UK lately, there's always the need for a coverup of some sort when the weather is this changeable.

I haven't worn a denim jacket since childhood. I think I had one with little embroidered patches all over the back, that possibly came with a matching set of dungarees or a little denim pinafore, back in the days when mum would dress me in United Colors of Benetton and Gap Kids.

Funny how things often come full circle isn't it?

Although I'm not going to burn your retinas today with the colourful striped tights and double denim of my youth, I am going to rave about the perfect denim jacket I recently picked up (30% off!), and show you two very different ways to wear it. I'll see you after the jump break!

Although I haven't worn a denim jacket for what, more than 20 years??, slipping this one on, it felt like I was never without. There are denim jackets and there are denim jackets. And this one ticks every box. Sturdy and stiff but with just enough give especially in the arms, a good length and classic cut, and the perfect shade of blue to compliment any outfit.

D E N I M   +   D R E S S

Outfit details:

The perfect denim jacket, Blush satin dress (similar), Floral silk scarf, Blush tote, Nude block heels (UK | US)

I think this satin dress and diddy block heel ensemble would look too formal for my liking without the hardiness of some denim to make it feel a whole lot more relaxed, especially with the rolled up sleeves and a giant I-can-fit-all-my-shopping-in-here tote. The silky swishiness of the skirt felt delightful though, on the cloudy but deceivingly warm day we shot these photos.

In all honesty, the dress was just the tiniest smidge tight across the boob area so I threw on this beautiful silk scarf and called it a day. I actually think I prefer it with!

As for shoes, I've gone matchy matchy with these nude block heels. They're comfortable and stylish with their little square toe. I did a bit of a double-blush-pink-action with them in this wellbeing/OOTD post too and I love them!

D E N I M   +   B R E T O N (duh)

Outfit details:

The perfect denim jacket, Breton teeBlack skinny jeansFloral silk scarfBlush tote, Tan espadrilles

This second outfit is everything that my classic-style-self loves.

Breton. I chose my favourite of the 17 or so in my collection. Which now comes in a lighter weight weave for summer, hurrah!

Jeans. I was going to wear white jeans but then opted for my well loved pair of washed black, ankle hugging skinnies. My reliable favourites.

I kept the bag and the scarf, partly because we were about to go shopping and I wanted to be ready for action, and put on my new favourite red lip (shade 999), because what's not to love about red lipstick and stripes? I'm sure I could have done something with a little more finesse re. the scarf but I quite like it fluttering about in the breeze.

I gave these tan espadrilles a quick run for a touch of summer spirit. They're going to be the perfect holiday shoe.

So what's your favourite look? Dress or jeans? And I'd love to hear your favourite way to wear a denim jacket!