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27 May 2018 8 comments

I wanted to start a new style series here on BTB, partly because a) I've been really enjoying doing more fashion orientated posts more recently and b) the recurring structure of a series keeps me motivated as a writer.

The title has potential for change but the premise is that I just want to share five star items that I'm currently loving from my wardrobe right now, it's as simple as that!

I'll see you after the jump break for l'édition numéro un!

E M B E L L I S H E D   B A G S

Seeing as it's jumping out of the main photo of this post, let's start with this embellished, lemony clutch. I was saying to a friend the other day that I really wanted some lemon printed or embellished items for the summer (namely a bag) and how I'd found a gorgeous beaded lemon clutch that unfortunately on closer inspection had quite a lot of those very cheapy-looking, large plastic rhinestones all over it that rather ruined the entire appearance for me. And then I stumbled across this one. And it's perfect. It's no less glitzy, but the beading is more fine and I love the differentiation in the beading of the lemon segments. I'm loving that embellishment and beading is so popular at the moment in general, I want to pick up a whole hoard of embellished bags!

B R O D E R I E   A N G L A I S E

Broderie anglaise is something I've always loved - mum used to joke that that's all I asked for when we went shopping! I love how breezy it is for summer, and it's often made of cotton, so extra appropriate for the warmer weather. I love the little updates we're seeing to broderie at the moment - a bell or tulip sleeve, scalloped edging, peplums and frills etc, rather than the more classic, boxy shapes that I don't think flatter my chest quite as well. I'm for a broderie skirt or dress too, my wardrobe has no limits ;)

T H E   P E R F E C T   D E N I M   J A C K E T

I've spent the longest time out of denim jackets, in fact I can't remember wearing one since primary school which is starting to make me feel a little old! I decided just to try this one on whilst I was looking around Gap (for broderie nonetheless) and fell in love. It's a lovely midblue shade, not too cropped, not too stiff but not too stretchy. They've always some kind of offer on so you can pick it up for under £50, which is a steal.

S T A R R Y   J E W E L L E R Y

I'm loving starry jewellery at the moment, particular when the charms are set into the chain rather than being a pendant. I've always skimped on jewellery entirely, or been a very classic, fine-like jewellery person - diamond or pearl studs, a little diamond necklace, just things that I've been given, or are sentimental etc, you know? But I'm branching out into more modern shapes... goodness I sound so old fashioned, you'd never know I was in my twenties would you? ;) #oldsoul

B L U S H   B L O C K   H E E L S

These shoes (UK | US). I love them! I mean, that's the theme of this post isn't it, so please do excuse me repeating myself ;) I wore them in this OOTD and they've since become a firm favourite in my wardrobe. As a comfortable-shoe-wearer, I love a baby block heel, especially ones that feel a bit dainty and clippy-cloppy. I didn't really think of myself as a pink shoe person but what can I say, I'm into it! I had a bit of a near disaster with these when I persuaded F to go to KFC with me because I was in desperate need of junk food, and a lady managed to spill her entire tray and spattered my toes with diet coke.. They cleaned up pretty well though thankfully!

Are there any items in your own wardrobe you're particularly swooning over at the moment?