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5 April 2018 5 comments

I feel like I've been living in jumpers and jeans (and a particular pair of cosy cable knit socks) for most of 2018, and we're now into the fourth month of the year!

I know the UK is somewhat famed for it's.. "temperate" weather but I think there's only been one day this year I haven't had to wear a coat. Until (and I say this tentatively) now??

F and I took a little shopping trip to Windsor the other day, and whilst it wasn't particularly sunny, it was mild! So whilst I'm still donning this classically gorgeous pair of boots and some fairly thick tights, I'm also wearing what I think is my first dress of the year, and my new favourite coverup. See you after the jumpbreak!

O U T F I T   D E T A I L S :

I feel like this floral dress is 'halfway Spring'.

I've historically been a huge lover of black clothing - hmm, in fact, I'm not even sure I wore almost exclusively black out of love. During college, I was incredibly thin for my frame, and uni/after graduating saw me put on a significant amount of weight that I felt was best disguised in head-to-toe black outfits.. Now that I'm older (and only possible wiser ;), I've not lost the weight but I care much less about being a larger size (who doesn't have bigger fish to fry right?), and so my wardrobe is (slowly) including more pastel or lighter shades, and becoming more colourful. It's a process ;) But getting back to the dress, black florals, to me, are the perfect way to transition out of winter wear, and into something a little more Spring-like - hence, 'halfway Spring' :)

This utility jacket, or 'shacket', is my new favourite thing. I saw this one on Tanesha and knew I needed one in my wardrobe. I'm generally such an incredibly practical dresser, that this is exactly the kind of apparel that appeals to me. My first thoughts were, of course, that it'd be perfect for capping off a casual outfit, my favourite jeans and a t shirt of some variety - the kind of jacket you'd roll the sleeves up of, pile your hair into a bun and face a lengthy to-do or errands list. That's what I imagine anyway ;) And paired with the world's most practical handbag, it's an outfit for some serious shopping, cafe-hopping and general mooching.

But, I think it's also a really versatile piece, looking equally great with a flouncy dress and heels. Speaking of which, I recently posted a quick Stories on rediscovering these gorgeous Hobbs boots in my loft space/attic. I'd completely forgotten about them but was up there trying to scout out a pestle and mortar that I remember bringing, and happily stumbled across them. The kind of boots that are never going to go out of style. And weren't bad on all of Windsor's cobbled streets either.

One of the calls of Windsor are the sweet treats. Madame Posh (a bizarre name, and frankly, a bit of a bizarre place) stock my favourite macarons outside of Paris/London - the violet flavour, just delicious. I had 8 boxed up for later, just before a little pitstop at a cafe for some tea and cake to quash any mid-afternoon cravings ;)

Hope you're all having a lovely one! There's sun in Surrey today so I'm going to try and get a couple of photos done before running out for an afternoon of errands (snooze)