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2 April 2018 9 comments

April April April. I can't believe we're already there. Although I'm pretty excited for Spring now. I feel like I keep saying so too.

Here's what's been making me happy lately :) See you after the jumpbreak!

one. // I'm really reveling in and appreciating quality time at the moment. Things have been a little challenging on a personal front lately with an ongoing family illness so I've been yearning for downtime with F to take the edge of things. We've been exercising our nerdy hats with a new game from the makers of FTL lately, and  saving up on Masterchef episodes to binge watch them in bed with snacks. The little things :)

two. // I'm really excited for the start of the gardening season (Gardener's World is back on too, yippee!), and getting to cook with fresh, seasonal produce. I'm a hoarder of the monthly Waitrose mags and I've been flicking through them to gain some inspiration for Spring recipes - I've got my eye on recreating a fig tart I saw on Masterchef too, mm mmm!

three. // Another foodie one. F and I went to our favourite restaurant the other day (The Greyhound at Rotherham Peppard) to treat ourselves to some Wagyu ribeye - which was divine, with lots of roasted butternut and onion and butter.. It's a bit of a blessing and curse having food affect your mood so much, but moments like these are like Ecstacy to me!

four. // Speaking of affecting moods, the extra hour of daylight we've had lately in the UK has just had the best effect on my wellbeing. I can't wait for long, sun-filled evenings.

five. // I've had some really lovely PR packages lately - a big thank you to Fresh, World Duty Free, Caudalie and Feelunique to name but a few examples. Whilst I'm by no means a big blogger in the slightest, it constantly surprises me to see how far I've come - I wouldn't have dreamt of being sent entire product ranges a few years ago.

six. // I finally reached 5K on my Instagram! It's a modest milestone but a little moment of happiness in my social/blogging world :) Only halfway to the 'swipe up' feature now right? ;)

seven. // I met up for a lovely day out with Nish the other day (blog post should be up in a little while once I get around to editing the photos!) and we managed to pin our meetup on the loveliest day of the year so far - sandals and sunglasses on, coat ditched, and lots of laughter had!

eight. // Beauty wishlisting. I've my eye on a few things at the moment.. especially the Hyggee cream because I adore their serum so much at the minute.

nine. // A bunch of chrysanths and stocks gracing my table for almost a month?! (yes, stocks!)

ten. // Bloggers. I've been loving Jenelle's feed lately - her denim collection *heart eyes*.

I'd love to hear what's been making you happy lately :)