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21 March 2018 3 comments

You know what. I'm so ready for Spring. We've had two occasions in March of being snowed in and I'm fed up of wearing black jeans (although surely not as much as you are of seeing them ;) Feel assured in the fact though that I've managed to buy some blue/standard denim ones! Including these perfect straight leg jeans that I found for £20, for what I can only think was an incredibly fortunate pricing error?!).

But F and I did brave the blustery, pre-snow conditions the other day for a bit of a country stroll, and I took the camera with us. So if we can just be OK with a bit of an OOTD (because I really like these boots - although *note*, don't walk through wet grass/moss/mud with them on their first outing..) including black jeans you'd really make my day. Well alrighty then, I'll take that as a yes ;) See you after the jumpbreak :)

 W H A T   I ' M   W E A R I N G

Barbour Waxed Jacket (similar) // Floral top (similar) // Black skinny jeans // Grey cashmere scarf // Tan suede boots

Having said all I have about black jeans though, there's a reason why I'm stuck on about three pairs. I love these Topshop skinnies because they're skinny all the way down to the ankle, because although my thighs are a bit chunkymonkey, my ankles seem to have resisted attracting any chub, and there's little worse in the skinny jean world than a flapping ankle. Also, I've got news, because I think these M&S jeans are an amazing dupe for the aforementioned skinnies, and come in at less than half the price.

I was kindly reminded yesterday that we've passed the Spring Equinox! So hopefully it can only get warmer and brighter from here. My spirit's are already being lifted by the blossom and Spring flowers that are beginning to bloom.

I hope you're all very much enjoying your day :)