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7 February 2018 3 comments

As we've already spoken about Valentine's gift ideas here (many items of which have since made it only my own wishlist..) I'm tackling outfits today!

I'm feeling in a bit of a casual mood (says the girl who lives in a casual uniform of bretons, jeans and loafers/slippers - although I did wear chinos today so I've clearly really pushed the boat out!) and a bit fed up of seeing Valentine's outfits consisting of fanciful evening dresses and ostentatious designer clutches/stillettos, so I've designed myself a bit of a personal challenge with my own outfit this year.. and welcome you to do the same!

I'm no stranger to clothing that isn't exactly affordable and I'm sure I don't need to allude to that fact! I can't say I'm generally fussed about designer clothing per se, but I do like quality and that usually comes at a price. But today, I wanted to champion the high street and somewhat-disposable fashion and challenge myself to finding an entire outfit, that I love, for under £150.

Apart from the bag... 

Before we jump into the affordable segment of this post, let me introduce you to Celine ;) My Christmas pressie that I couldn't help but shoehorn into this post.. It's her first feature here on BTB and I think she fits in beautifully among her affordable bedfellows, albeit wildly distorting the budget! To stay well within budget, you could always replace her with something like this very cute little blush pink number which I've factored into the price, and think looks quite a bit more expensive than it is - or in fact any of these affordable bag options that similarly bring a some traditional Valentine's hues to the look:

So now that we've acknowledged and then forgotten about the bag ;), I love this cosy grey jumper, with chiffon-like underlay that I've tucked into the skirt, and cute little tie-sides - what better an excuse to sport some bows than for Valentines! It's incredibly soft, snug and cuddly, I just love the fabric. Equally great with a pair of jeans.

I've gone polka-on-polka with with the rest of the outfit - black with larger white dots on the skirt, and the opposite on the spotted shirt, with just a little collar and cuff peeking out, just to add a little dash of preppiness to proceedings ;) I love the thick, weighty feel of the skirt, it sits really nicely and doesn't seem to crease which is a welcome benefit! I've paired it with my favourite leggings because it seems positively subzero outside at the moment (F was struggling by the end of this shoot, I had to lend him my little white, cashmere gloves to warm his chilly fingers, ha, bless him) and these lovely little heeled chelsea boots that are surprisingly easy to walk in.

And there we have it! Casual, girly, a little preppy and darn right comfortable. And all under £150 ;) I did admitted stick my quilted jacket over the top because it was really quite chilly, but off the top of my head, I've seen that Primark do both waxed-effect and quilted jackets that would give a similar effect and I believe would still keep the whole outfit under £150. Madness isn't it.
(and you'll have to forgive the gravestones! in the background.. I was clearly really dopey because I only really noticed when it came to editing the photos and I was already in too deep..!)

I'd love to see what you might come up with if you had £150 to buy a Valentine's outfit (be sure to tag me on Instagram or something!), and whether you're planning an incredibly romantic evening with your significant other, out with the girls or spending the evening in, with some fleeced leggings and your cat, I wish you a wonderful Valentine's day :)