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7 January 2018 5 comments

It's about time I spoke about quilted jackets, because you'll have seen them strewn across my Instagram enough times by now!

For me, they're one of my most worn pieces from the wardrobe. Versatile, somewhat warm - a great chuck-it-on-as-you-run-out-the-door kind of jacket. 

I've been wearing mine incessantly (with quilted boots today because more is more..). In fact, I've rather created myself an autumn uniform.. I've found myself living in a rotation of jeans, boots and Bretons lately (I say 'lately' loosely because it's more like 'forever' ;)

Although I haven't yet worn them (I'm on these Hobbs jeans whilst the weather calls for tucking skinny jeans into boots - they're so soft.), I've been enticed by 'Mom' jeans, mostly thanks to Anna of The Anna Edit. During one of our Christmas shopping expeditions last year, I coerced F into Topshop to look for them, and the look of disdain on his face when I picked up a pair - it still makes me laugh inside! Needless to say I now have 3 pairs ready to be de-tagged and worn so if that's an exercise in wearing clothing to please your other half, I'm clearly the star student ;)

I love heading to Henley during this time of year. When it's crisp (with potential for rain..) and if you're lucky, you'll be treated to the sun dipping down behind the trees next to the river and filling the skies with candyfloss pink and sherbet orange for a brief moment before dusk.

F and I decided to walk off a hefty brunch down by the river the other day (a somewhat continental affair of heaps of bread and cheese, and gooseberry chutney) as it's one of our favourite places to stroll. A combination of the weather and the holidays meant it was happily empty, and therefore ever the more pleasant. We live near so many lovely walking spots and I've explored only but a mere few of them, it's something I want to make more of in 2018.

Do you have any resolutions for 2018? I'm trying not to treat it as the start of a new year this year - I give myself far too much pressure! So in that spirit, I hope you all had a very lovely Just-Another-Day's Eve ;)

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