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16 December 2017 8 comments

As a nest-featherer (and a very temperamental sleeper), I'm the biggest advocate for treating your sleeping space as your sanctuary.

My focus on slow living and simplicity this year has made me want to bring a clean, cosy, homely feel to our space, and focus on wellbeing, not only in the day, but through the night too.

I've got 5 little tips for setting up your space for a blissful night's sleep, and giving your bedroom a snug, comforting feel - hope you enjoy!

L E T   Y O U R   B E D R O O M   S E R V E   I T ' S
P U R P O S E   +   N O T H I N G   B U T

When it comes to setting up your space for the best possible sleep, the less daytime use your bedroom receives, the better. Whilst it's always tempting to retreat there to work, eat, study or watch a guilty pleasure on Youtube (or otherwise), saving the space for just your bedtime routine helps your brain to associate the room, and the ritual, with sleep.

And I'm sure you don't need me to tell you about keeping tv's and screens out of the room! Perhaps challenging, but also possibly one of the best adjustments you can make for free - I'll leave it to you ;)

A D D R E S S   Y O U R   S L E E P I N G   S U R F A C E

It probably goes without saying that your bed should be your first port of call when it comes to establishing good sleeping patterns. There's nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable, and although mattresses and accessories can be pricey, they're a solid investment.

We haven't had our mattress for very long so it doesn't need replacing, but I am rather keen on mattress toppers, they're the perfect way to inexpensively upgrade your sleeping surface, and improve the quality of your sleep. At university, I even bought a secondary duvet and used it underneath my bedsheet, as a makeshift one ;)

Having tried Zonesleep's topper for a little while now, it's everything I could ask for - and a far cry from my all-my-student-budget-would-allow make-do! It's a lot thinner and less cumbersome than I imagined, easy to roll out and fit, and the 3D, honeycomb-like spacer fabric provides real support - blissful if you're like me and prone to back and shoulder pains.

F absolutely loves it - we're guilty of sitting up in bed and so created little bottom-shaped dips in our old memory foam topper, which doesn't seem to happen with this one, and because it's hollow, it seems breathable and a little less hot than the norm - I affectionately call F my little radiator because he has an incredible aptitude for being perpetually toasty, so a breathable fabric is perfect for us! Night's are certainly a lot more comfortable with this in our lives - I give it a ceremonial thumbs up!

There's really nothing better, or more important in my mind, than investing in the best bed, mattress and topper that you can comfortably afford - you'll really reap the benefits.

E S T A B L I S H   A   B E D T I M E   S C E N T

Whilst our noses aren't the best at waking us up in the mornings, a relaxing, calming scent is arguably one of the most reliable sleep-aids to help us drift off at night.

I'm quite fussy with scents at bedtime and quickly get overwhelmed, but I do love having a rollerball or candle on hand to set the tone and encourage myself to feel sleepy. Certain scents are famous for their soporific effect - lavender or chamomile for instance, but I adore the sweet, woody-ness of sandalwood, or something fresh and rain-water-like.

As I personally enjoy essential oils most in a blend, rollerballs and pre-mixed, multi-purpose oils are one of my must-have bedside items, and there are several, really lovely ones that I'm trying out at the mo - although you could very easily make yourself a little tincture bottle of your favourite scents!

S H O P   O I L S   //


It's been almost a year since I mindfully started my gardening for wellness journey and I've really enjoyed the outdoor garden, and indoors, cultivating my little family of fauna (which, I might add, are all still alive!). Bringing some of that greenery into the bedroom not only makes the place look a little more tranquil and haven-esque, but it can aid a good night's sleep too.

Mother In Law's tongue or the Snake plant is wonderful for cleansing the air and is so thoroughly hardy, it was an easy choice to feature in my beginner's guide to houseplants. Peace lilies, and English ivy are two other great options that help purify the surrounding air, the latter of which looks really handsome trailing a cascade of it's little leaves off a shelf or other item of furniture.

U S I N G   F A B R I C S

One of the very simplest ways to add more comfort into your bedtime space is to upgrade your bed linen and nightwear, and add a little plushness to the finishing touches, with fabrics.

Buying quality linen makes getting into bed an absolute joy and makes the whole bed feel more lavish without having to expend too much money. I changed my sheets and covers to a thick, 800-1000 thread count cotton a few years ago and the difference is completely tangible, I couldn't go back now!

Silky pjs help to maintain skin's moisture whilst you sleep, not to mention feeling delightful, and the benefits of a silk pillowcase are too great to ignore! Fabrics definitely make my space feel more cosy and sumptuous - I don't like to go overboard but a couple of cushions and throws are a great accompaniment to quality bed linen.

S H O P   T H R O W S   //

A N D   C U S H I O N S   //

C A L M I N G   B E D T I M E   A C T I V I T I E S

Once you're happy with your space, it's time to give a little thought to your pre-sleep practices.

There's so much to be said for really putting the time and effort into creating your own little routine for blissful slumber. If I can manage to pull Night-Owl-F away from his work/PC/TV in the evenings, I love to head up to bed early and indulge in my bedtime beauty routine and some of my favourite ways to unwind, and read cookery or satire books together ;)

It's not always easy to remember calming bedtime activities, especially when you're feeling a bit restless and most in need! So here are some ideas :)

d r i n k // go make yourself a cup of lovely, warming (and caffeine-free!) tea - I love ginger and honey, fresh mint or quince.

r e a d // F and I take it in turns to read to eachother and it's one of my favourite parts of the day :)

l i s t e n // laying down with my eyes closed, with noise-cancelling headphones afixed to each ear and listening to something calming and atmospheric is one of my favourite ways to relax and switch off.

b r e a t h e // try the 4-7-8 breathing exercise - whether or not it delivers on it's 60 second promise, it's sure to ease anxiety and make you feel more relaxed.

p l a y // turn off the lights and play the Alphabet Game with your other half - pick a topic (songs, restaurants, US cities) and take it in turns to think of an answer for each letter - I play this with F when I'm feeling restless and it really helps to ease my worrier's mind.

Well, here's to a good night's sleep, and I hope you awake in the morning feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed! I'd love to hear your favourite tips for blissful slumber :)

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