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17 November 2017 7 comments

A   ' B E R R Y '   A U T U M N A L   L O O K

I've always found berry tones a little difficult.

And whilst my recent Autumn Beauty Favourites contained a fair few peachy-pink tones (arguably inspired by the fact I'd recently picked up TF's Zoe lipstick and couldn't put it down), I've finally found a matching berry nail-lip combo that is spurring some autumnal, and dare I say festive, spirit within me!

I'm frequently asked about the skin and eye products I use too, so today, I'm sharing my quick and easy, 15 minute, autumnal berry makeup, using some of my current favourites - hope you enjoy!

The skin portion of this makeup is simple, quick and effortless, thanks to a few star products in my artillery.

La Mer foundation (UK | US)

I'll admit. I didn't want to love this, because it's an annoyingly regular expense that I'd be happy to forgo. However, La Mer, you've got me - this foundation is just utterly gorgeous and I've not a bad word to say about it. I enjoy it most with a damp beauty blender, or Artis-dupe brush that really gets it on swiftly if you want to hurry things up - which let's face it, is always my case when it comes to makeup. It's one of the few foundations that give a beautiful, natural, skin-like finish, from the moment you apply, until the end of the day, no powder necessary.

Innisfree Smart Drawing Contour in 'Mocha' (UK | US)

I've been using this constantly since my recent review, and although subtle, it gives the most beautiful hint of shadow - a particularly good option for around the jawline and under the chin should you be so inclined to add a little shade there. I've stuck to the backs of my cheeks today, brush a little onto a marble coaster (not best practice) and then dabbing on with a beauty blender.

Surratt Artistique blush in 'La Vie En Rose' + 'Parfait' (UK | US)

I couldn't decide which shade of blush to go for in this look, so I picked out two of my favourite Surratt shades. A somewhat hurried brushful of La Vie En Rose (the warmer and pinkier of the two), topped off with a tiny dab of Parfait to add an enlivening tinge of coral.

The eyes are incredibly simple, just as I like it.

Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Brows in 'Supermodel' (UK | US)

Brows are simple with CT's tinted brow gel. A little brush through of Supermodel gives them colour, shape and hold, a one product wonder!

Tanya Burr eyeshadow palette in 'Birthday Suit'

I can't say I've been at all tempted by Tanya Burr cosmetics in the past, but seeing a snap of her wearing Toast from this palette, and it went straight into my basket (although I immediately bought a refillable MAC palette for it because I despise the packaging, sorry Tanya!) Packaging aside, I'm decidedly impressed with the shadows. Incredibly smooth, and so easy to blend, I pretty much run Toast all over my eye, with a smudge of Soft Truffle in the outer corner and a dab of Marzipan in the inner.

P.S the middle shade of Becca's Ombre Rouge palette is more pigmented, but sheered out, it's pretty similar to Toast.

Charlotte Tilbury Eyes To Mesmerise in 'Marie Antoinette' (UK | US)

I love the subtle complexities of this shade. Just a little dab to the centre of the eye adds the perfect amount of shine for a day eye, and rubbing a scant amount in with your pinky brings out the warm, pinkish hue of the base.

Stila liquid liner in 'Carbon Black' (UK | US)

A simple staple, my Stila liner is one of my all time favourites. A dark inky black, with a fine tip, and it just seems to never dry out! I've just drawn on a thin line with the tiniest amount of wing.

Burberry Cat Lashes mascara in 'Jet Black' (UK | US)

One of the only two mascaras I reach for in around 7 years - need I say more?

The autumnal touches are all in the lippie and nail polish. I tend not to enjoy vampy colours on my own lips, but Poppy is a lovely neutral berry tone that can be sheered out, if you so wish, to make it more wearable if you're pigment-averse! And a little matchy-matchy nail finishes things off wonderfully ;)

Aerin lipstick in 'Poppy' (UK | US)

I've owned this lip colour for a little while now but it hasn't had many outings from it's clear, acrylic home. Poppy is in fact the perfect shade for autumn (not too vampy, not insipid), and the very most perfect match for my burgundy nails. The one item that makes this makeup what it is.

Leighton Denny polish in 'Burgundy'

Leighton Denny, I've decided, is my new favourite polish brand. I tried a sample, with no expectations, that came with Baazar and it entirely impressed. I have no knack for nail polish application so cordially welcome a smooth, fast-drying formula that's quickly opaque. I've already more shades on order!

And there we have it folks! I'd love to hear about it if you give it a go, and do let me know your berry, autumnal favourites in the comments :)

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