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29 October 2017 4 comments

R I C H M O N D   B O U N D

The other day, F and I went to one of my favourite places on the planet.

And I took many photographs..

Somewhat underwhelmingly described as 'a garden centre', stepping into Petersham Nursuries is like being transported into a little haven of flora, greenery and old-fashioned horticulture - it's not too often I coo and burble about 'how beautiful everything is!' for the entirety of our visit ;)

My mother's always had green fingers, for as long as I can remember, and so garden centres have always had a special little spot in my heart, if only for the memories - it's somewhere we used to go together as a family on a Sunday, weaving between the plants with our trundling trolley, stopping at the cafe for a spot of homemade cake, the whole 'Sunday afternoon experience'.

I surmised that perhaps heading down in the midst of autumn, on the dull and dreary day that it was, would perhaps take the gleam off Petersham's usual, verdant glory, but I needn't have given that a second thought.

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Everywhere was still rich with colour, and the Spring pastels had given way to deep, autumnal hues in the potted plants, vivid, warm tones in the rows of dahlias, and golden, ombre-d trees lining the walkways. I know it seems like every bloggers' favourite place in the world, but we were fortunate enough to pop down on a very quiet Wednesday afternoon, when it almost seemed like we had the place to ourselves.. (aside from the incredibly trendy Chinese girl in shiny, metallic glasses, barking orders at her poor, apologetic boyfriend as he scurried round taking photos of her, which F and I found to be an amusing backdrop to our lunch - 'you're not getting my *best* side!' ;)

F was feeling a smidge under the weather, but did an excellent job of accompanying me as I nodded and remarked in admiration at just about everything, and in his role of 'Insta-husband', not complaining at a single photograph, so let's all give him a collective, virtual pat on the back ;)

I was rather saving myself for an impeccable dinner later that evening at one of my very favourite spots, AWT's Greyhound, so we just had a light lunch of homemade squash, chilli and thyme soup, and some windfall apple cake - both delicious. There are a couple of 'gift shops' at Petersham, one more 'interiors', the other more 'horticulture', and even though it was a terribly difficult task, I managed not to come away with too much! Just some packets of seedlings, a few botanical prints and a new plant pot for my little peperomia.

I'll stop with the waffling now and let you enjoy the rest of the photos :) I hope you're all having a wonderful Sunday!

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  1. Beautiful post, Jennifer! So so happy you're doing so much more lifestyle content hehe <3 how lucky that you caught it at such a quiet time – I only walked past it a couple of weeks ago and always wanted to check it out but alas, I think the weekends would be packed with people. Hope you're having a good Sunday :)

    Cherie ✿

  2. This looks like heaven.. and you look so cute hun!

    xx Lisa |

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