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21 September 2017 4 comments


G O O D B Y E   S U M M E R

I have procrastinated all day today (the day before this goes up). I ran a few errands and made lunch and the like, but the goal was to get an upcoming post done and edited, and it just became one of those days where things don't happen. The kind where writers block kicks in, your mind is elsewhere and all the distractions want your attention at once - please tell me I am not alone in this?!

I did however, manage to put together the finishing touches for today's 10 Things post so I hope you enjoy today's edition of positivity. As always, do let me know what's been making you happy recently as I love to share in this good-mood inducement :)

one. // Seeing that my little baby pupper (he's not at all a baby, in age nor size..) is back to his normal, naughty, wiggly self. Jasper had a bit of a scare with arthritis in his leg and it was horrible to see him deteriorate so quickly - I just sat on the ground with him at one point because he couldn't walk and he laid his head in my lap like he was seeking comfort, which was heartbreaking (he's not even my dog and I go mushy at the thought of him being melancholy). Anyway, he had a series of treatments and I can't believe the transformation - you can scarcely detect a limp. (The Cinnamon Trust is a wonderful and deserving charity btw if you're looking to volunteer for something. F and I don't have the time nor accomodation for a dog, but this way we get to short-term foster a little baby who brings us so much joy.)

two. // Lucking out on receiving an order twice ;)

three. // Meeting up with F after work for dinner. Getting in from the cold to stuff our greedy little faces with burgers, halloumi, wings, fries, and plenty of baconnaise. Aren't dinners out with an established other half just the best? No pretences, you can be unladylike, take off your shoe and sit on your foot, and he doesn't even blink if you manage to dribble burger juice down your hand. I speak from experience.

four. // Sweet Treats. M&S caramel rice crispy squares are the latest addiction. And let's not pretend I'm not telling myself they're a 'healthier option' because they're gluten free ;) Although I've just bitten into a square and it's missing it's caramel layer - I feel like I've been cheated!

five. // All the Japanese Anemone around at the moment! Autumn is here but there are still droves of beautifully delicate flowers around, I love it. Maybe one day I'll write a 10 Things without mentioning flowers.. it's unlikely though ;)

six. // Layering Weather! I've now twice made the mistake of thinking a top and shacket will suffice for a (very) casual evening meal out. I can finally get my scarves out, not to mention unlocking the next level of joy from eating my new favourite porridge recipe - porridge is so much better when the weather is nippy isn't it?

seven. // Xcom. I mentioned this incredibe feat of geekiness in my Weekend In Numbers #2, but F and I are really making the most of dull autumn days with our new favourite pastime - Xcom and Snuggles. Much like Netflix and Chill but without the, er, connotations ;) Rain optional, snacks compulsory.

eight. // Incredibly Casual TV. I love the kind of TV that sits in the background, quietly spreading joy or inspiration, and doesn't require your full/any attention. GBBO for example, which I'm still watching even though it's on 4 now - I know, I'm a traitor. The reality is that it's absolutely no different.. and cake is still cake.

nine. // F's little pep talk for my insecurities :)

ten. // Bloggers. I mentioned Raw Beauty Kristi in my last 10 Things, and I'm still avidly watching her videos. (I'm so selective with who I follow on Youtube, I think it's maybe only something like 10 accounts.. Is anyone else like this?)

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