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21 June 2017 13 comments


3 // attempts Jasper took at squeezing past me to get into the car footwell. Just to sit in it.

10 // beautifully scented roses, that after a solid week are still looking luscious.

8 // harvests of berries from the garden! The strawberry and raspberry plants have gone rampant and taken over this year and I can't say I'm not pleased.

3700 // the number of followers on Instagram I just seem perpetually stuck at these days weeks :| They're driving me a little loopy with their shadowbanning etc, that I'm giving up caring. Temporarily at least ;)

12+ // minutes deciding which Anthropologie earrings to purchase. That shop is a minefield for my bank balance.

5 // calls between F and I this morning because he's in Cardiff and we're soppy old souls like that.

6:50 // the time our flight leaves for Croatia. I know I'll be dreading waking up at the crack of dawn that morning!

38 // the number of tabs I currently have open, predominantly blog posts on Croatia, subsidiary collection of ASOS and Hobbs..

8249 // current count on my Camera Roll, which I think ought to spark an iPhone clearout.

3 // pairs of 'necessary' summer footwear sent to F via iPhone for purchasing consideration.

66 // percentage of said footwear he liked enough to consent to purchasing. One of the pairs bore embroidered fruit which he said was a 'no no' ha.

100 // percentage of aforementioned footwear purchased regardless ;)

How did your weekend go? I hope it was a lovely one!

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