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28 June 2017 8 comments


Feeling stuck or trapped can be one of the worst in the world.

Whether it's feeling like you're knee-deep in a routine that you don't know how to change, wondering if your hard work will ever pay off, or that your destiny is inescapable - that things are out of your control, it's hard to know how to break the cycle and get yourself onto a newer, better path.

I've definitely been feeling like this, especially lately, so today I'm sharing five tips to help us escape the life rut.


I'm a big advocate of writing things down with pen and paper. And I consider these three lists some of the most helpful:

If you feel stuck in life with regards to a lack of direction, try writing down a short list of things that make you happy, that are important to you, that bring you joy, or that you want to have a bigger impact in your life. It can be spending more time with those closest to you, pursuing your favourite hobby, or making more time for the outdoors. I find it helpful to paint your vision based on what you covet most, and then plan out working towards it.

Next, write down the things you'd like to change - those you have control over on the left, and those outside of your control on the right. I think feeling like you're stuck in a situation you can't change is one of the very worst. Whilst in all honesty, even I'm stumped when it comes to the latter, and lord knows I'd like to know the answers myself! But I've found it helpful to split my problems out, so I can focus my attentions on those I can change. For example, whilst I can't do much about a degenerative family illness, I'd like to lose weight and feel better in myself, and that's something that's 100% in my control.


How often you must have heard this I'm sure, but if you were in any need of reassurance, not being afraid of change is a huge step towards escaping your life rut. Don't be afraid of upsetting the balance or ruffling feathers, if it helps you in the direction you want to go. If the job you're in makes you unhappy then don't be scared to leave. If you feel that old relationships are holding you back, have enough self worth and confidence to cut ties.



This one is all about the mindset, and I'm guilty of flitting between the two and precisely not following this advice! I find that focusing on a goal and imagining my ideal future without considering any short term or practical steps I need to take to reach it (indulging) only sets me up for failure when I don't see the progression that I want. I end up feeling down, and thinking I might never reach the place I want to be. Alternatively, I'm prone to dwelling about my current situation and it's problems, which hinders any meaningful action. Trying to find the balance between these two mindsets gives you enough to dream about and work towards, and simultaneously the right stepping stones to get you there.


Learn a new language, acquire a new skill, focus on your progression, if only as a distraction for feeling stuck. Allowing yourself to try a new experience only widens your horizons and soon, what started as a mere distraction, could be a spark of inspiration, a new joy or idea, and another way to escape the rut.

The same goes for your appearance. Go and treat yourself to a new cut and colour - something different from the usual trim and tint you might always go for - it's really amazing how a new hairstyle can give you a renewed energy! Even the small things help - if your wardrobe is full of black and neutrals, try wearing colour. Wear your hair in a different parting, embrace a bright pink lip, buy yourself some sensational lingerie, as 90% of escaping the rut is down to mindset, and these little things can help get you in the right one.


Part of feeling stuck in the same old routine, for me, is being in the same surroundings - almost like a type of cabin fever? On a basic level, just getting outside and changing my environment to something greener helps to hit the reset button. Try finding a new walk to go on, or a new part of the countryside to explore - it's funny how many little nooks I pass in my surrounding area, often whilst driving, which are yet unexplored!

I hope today's tips have offered a little inspiration to change up your routine, or to not feel so hopelessly stuck. I've got some exciting travel posts coming up, which I'm awfully excited to share! Let me know if you've any tips for escaping a life rut, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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