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2 June 2017 4 comments


Ask any beauty expert for their one tip that all women can adhere to to improve their skin, and 9 times out of 10 you'll hear SPF. Sunscreen is one of the most important steps in my routine year round, but especially in summer. Gone are the days where we had to put up with heavy, sticky creams that turned our faces white, so today I'm sharing the SPF innovations that are available these days, including a more expensive, and more affordable option - so there's no excuse not to be protected!


STICKS - for focused reapplication

Great for topping up on high point areas throughout the day. I like to go over my cheekbones, forehead and nose when I start to feel them heating up as they always manage to catch the sun! I love the Vichy/Su:m37 ones as they go on completely slick and clear.

CONTINUOUS SPRAYS - for overall reapplication

Perfect to pop in your handbag and give your face (and decollete and shoulders) an overall spritz to top up your protection. There's really no chance that I'm going to be reapplying a cream sunscreen every two hours, as recommended, especially after I've already applied makeup, so a continuous spray is the perfect tool for this.

MOUSSES - for those want the 'nothingness' feel

Mousses have a lovely lightweight whip that melt away to nothing, which I think is great for really hot weather where you just want nothing on the skin. The Supergoop one smells lovely and fresh and summery for those in the US, whereas us UK folk ought to try the Heliocare.

Supergoop mousse SPF 50 // Heliocare mousse SPF 50

DROPS - for those that want to use their own moisturisers

I love the idea of SPF drops. You can add a few freely into any moisturiser you like to turn it into a day cream with protection. The Barbara Sturm starts out at SPF 50 but of course you're diluting it so it probably ends up around SPF 30.



GELS/AQUA LOTIONS - for combo or dehydrated skins

If you like a more conventional sunscreen but dread the heaviness then a gel or lotion that dissapates immediately on the skin is your perfect answer. I love my Earth's Recipe gel for example, and that's what I'll generally wear daily in the UK.

Earth's Recipe Sun Gel SPF 50 // The Body Shop Skin Defence essence SPF 50

POWDERS - for oily skins

Another great option for applying after makeup, especially as like I have recently, you wear mineral foundations.

CUSHIONS - for the traveller

I find that a cushion sunscreen is easiest to travel with. They've the very same portability benefits as a cushion foundation and you can apply both before and after makeup. The Etude House version is a little thicker in texture so great for a drier skin.

BASES - for an extra level of protection

Whilst I still recommend applying one of the dedicated sunscreens above (because if you're anything like me, you won't use enough foundation to give your skin proper protection), a base including a high SPF is a great way to add another layer of sunblock. These days, formulas are much better curated too, to stop, or at least reduce, the dreaded flashback - although to be perfectly honest, tend not to care about whiteout.

Chanel CC cream SPF 50 // Missha M Magic cushion SPF 50

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