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18 May 2017 12 comments


S P R I N G T I M E   F O L L I E S

So this post is a little culmination of imperfections, which I'm in fact quite enjoying. So often are we faced with photograph after photograph portraying a happy, luxurious or otherwise perfect life and it's all too easy to treat these tiny, curated snippets as the whole story and feel inferior. So enjoy the cloudy weather, and the imperfect poses - although I'm sad I'm unable to share all of the tulips in their fine glory - Guildford Castle's perfectly manicured gardens are strewn with bed after bed of them were you to venture in March or April ;)





F and I had a really lovely day of wandering around, and it just makes me realise more and more how much I love Surrey. I of course had a phase of wanting to live in London, but I really think that that once seemingly strong desire has well and truly fizzled out now. Did you ever think that living in London had meant 'you'd made it'? My friends and I used to talk about it frequently during college and university, although it seems so silly to contemplate now!



I'm so unspeakably happy to wake up to peace in the mornings. To see huddles of baby rabbits poking their tiny (adorable!) heads above the grass out on the green. To have truly beautiful forests on my doorstep and be able to see incredible views first thing in the morning, unobscoured by buildings, concrete or smog. Sure, London is beautiful in it's own way, and I do sometimes feel a tinge of envy looking at feeds full of London's own, perfectly Instagrammable quirks.

But it feels so good to realise, I'm a Home Counties girl. And I'm 100% OK with that. Even my wardrobe doesn't seem to fit in with one of a Londoner ;) I was doing a little 'shoe transporting' the other day and only realised really just how uniform my wardrobe is when I saw 6 pairs of tan loafers lined up next to each other..! These ones are a bit clapped out and well-loved but they're that super comfortable pair that I can't put down. I'm loving this grey and white Breton too with it's little scalloped details.



Grey + White Breton (past season - similar) // Silk Cami // Cropped Jeans
Mulberry // Tan Loafers (past season - similar)

In other news, and into blogging realms now, I'm excited to announce (if that's really even the right word) that I've been working on some design updates for BTB, and it's been a joy! Albeit not a big change but it's been lovely to tweak my style to remain in harmony with how I feel lately. I've also really been enjoying using the Becca Ombre Rouge palette recently - the first three shades give this effortless rosy eye that's rather MUG-Tuscan-Sun-like, and I'm enjoying it.




Anyway, give the castle a go if you're in the area, and tell me, how did you spend your week? I hope it's been a lovely one!

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