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1 April 2017 6 comments


T H E   R O U N D U P

When I first started blogging, I always imagined that my little space of the internet would be my outlet, to document, to curate, to collect, to save my memories in a place where I'll always be able to find them. And I think over the years, just due to distraction really, I think I've lost that a little, and it's something I want to bring back. I'm sure you'll have heard me witter on about making changes to my blog etc, I think honestly, this slower-living approach I've adopted in the more recent months has really encouraged me to have a different aspect on life, and make more time for happiness and wellbeing, and I think that attitude is now filtering onto my blog.

So in short, I wanted to introduce a new series here on BTB, 10 Things, with a more casual feel, just a moment every month where we can have a sit and have a natter, to update you with what's going on, share articles I've read and loved, bloggers I'm loving lately, what's on my wishlist, the little moments, just anything that takes my fancy! (And stay tuned until the end for a roundup of all of March's posts - I wanted to post all this in March but had a bit of a hectic time of it!). So if you like the idea, do let me know, and of course if there's anything you'd like to see, I'm all ears :)


01. Jasper. // If you didn't already know, F and I are part of the Cinnamon Trust, a thoroughly good cause for elderly or unwell pet owners and animal lovers alike. Our lifestyle doesn't really support owning a dog at the moment, because I don't want to be the person leaving him behind when we go on holiday, or having him stay at our parents if we want to go out etc, I just don't think it's fair, so this 'babysitting' option is perfect for us - if you've got a spare hour or so a week I'd really recommend checking the Cinnamon Trust out. We walk this utterly gorgeous black labrador, Jasper, who I'm completely in love with. He's the sweetest, cheekiest, most mischievous, chubby little ball of love and brightens my day no end. I'm digressing.. F doesn't walk him nearly as often as I do, so we thought we'd give him a little test ;) Rather than collect him at the door, I had F meet us mid-walk, as if a passing stranger, and observe Jasper's reactions. Needless to say he went utterly bonkers when realising who we were walking towards and it was just a special little moment for me where I felt all fuzzy and content :)

02. SPRING WEATHER. // I can't tell you how much the warmer, brighter days are affecting my mood. And seeing the albeit fleeting but beautiful blooms of magnolia and apple tree blossom on every second street just makes me so happy.

03. Homeware shopping. // So you may have seen me mention the self imposed, beauty spending ban I've been on for the last couple of months. Firstly, let me tell you just how difficult it's been, especially seeing people show off their new purchases on IG etc, new TF, new Chanel, ??? all to be had, and I can't have it! That's not to say I've faltered, because I've been exceptionally good, but I think the reality here is that I've just been deflecting my attention to homeware... It's really becoming my new love! I picked up some pieces from Ralph Lauren Home lately, and oh my, that store is going to be a huge weakness for me.. Please tell me I'm not alone in this, and that you love homeware shopping as much as me!? Here are some items from my wishlist/that I've picked up lately to wet your appetite anyway ;)

04. Bread. // I tried out a new bread recipe and it came out so beautifully for my first attempt, I'm so pleased with myself! I want to play around with it a bit and make a few tweaks here and there but I was thinking of perhaps sharing my more honed version with you? There's nothing quite like gingerly handling a baking hot loaf fresh from the oven :)

05. Troiareuke. // You may have read my first review a few months?? ago, and I need to fill you in with the latest bits I've acquired since, but their cushion foundations are really impressing me - I've worn them almost exclusively for the last several weeks, and love everything about them. The A+ cushion is a smidge darker than the H+ and gives a wonderfully natural, slightly dewy finish that lasts all day on my combo skin.

06. Spoon. // Have a look here for more on this little nook, but Spoon, Henley is fast becoming a favourite pitstop of mine. I've really got no desire to live in London (I'm definitely growing into this slow-living 'thing' now, and we live close enough anyway) but I do miss the variety of food that's so easily attainable there. And that's one of the reasons why I like Spoon - I like their menu. Each item has a little twist that makes me happy - date and pear in their sausage rolls, olive oil or cardamom in today's cake etc - and they've brunch around the clock which is always no bad thing. I'd recommend popping in if you're in the area.



07. Charlotte Tilbury. // The last thing I want to come across as is one of those people who feel the need to gush about every small success, completely out of context, it's just really not me, but I just wanted to mention.. I'm hugely critical of myself in all manners, including my blog, so always thought that well-known, luxury brands were the trophies of other, bigger, better bloggers so I was completely over the moon when Charlotte Tilbury contacted me earlier in the month asking if I'd like to try some of their products. They've been a brand I've loved since launch so I'm just feeling really privileged to have been chosen! You can have a look at my post here if you fancy it.

08. Cookbooks. // I've gone a bit mad this month. I've always loved thumbing through the pages of a well-loved cookbook, especially in bed on a lazy Sunday morning with a bacon sandwich in the other hand, but I've had a bit of a spree lately of finding new recipes, revisiting old favourites, buying more books.. I've gone back to Jerusalem at the moment, having whipped up his Cardamom + caramelised one pot rice dish the other night - it's so comforting. In fact I love any kind of starch cooked in chicken stock or chicken juices, such great homefood. Anyway, here are a few volumes I'm loving at the mo:

09. Moving Out. // We're moving house again. Not that we were planning on living here forever but we were messed around by the estate agents, and by the landlady we've never met, both of which ultimately made our decision upon renewal a little easier - it just felt like we needed to go, you know? So again starts a new chapter in our lives. Moving out is a pain. I never truly appreciated how many possessions I own.. it's making me think I ought to adopt more of a minimalist lifestyle?! The house needs to be empty by Tuesday morning as we've having cleaners in to spruce it up from top to toe and I'm currently sitting here (Sunday) surrounded by boxes, cables, bags etc, and I've got absolutely no motivation to get up and do more packing!

10. Bloggers. // I just wanted to give a quick mention to some blog posts I've very much enjoyed reading lately:

- I always love seeing what is in people's makeup bags and Sabrina's current collection is completely swoon-worthy. I love how thorough and informative she always is with her swatches and try-ons.

- Who doesn't love some fitness inspiration? I've been distinctly lacking in motivation but with the warmer weather, I'm starting to feel in the mood for a bit of a health kick. Caitlin's fitness tips were a great read to try and get myself going!

- I'm just going to link Molly's blog in general because I've loved virtually thumbing through her posts this month, her airy aesthetic seems so apt for the start of Spring.

- Stuck for breakfast ideas? I've been in need of a fresh bout of inspiration and Izzy's Sweet Potato & Cinnamon bread is a great recipe for trying something a little different.

- Love the stunning style shots from Christina in this post. And it's in Paris, so what more could we ask for?


March has been a bit of a 'special' (is that even the right word? Or is it really more like experimental?) month for BTB as I've started to implement my blog changes mentioned at the start of this post, so there's more of a casual feel, not to mention my first style posts! So in case you missed any, here are the posts published in March:



Charlotte Tilbury Favourites + trying the new dry sheet masks!



I just wanted to take a quick moment to say thank you to you, my lovely readers, for sticking with me through this period of transition, and to welcome you if you're a new face around here! I'm excited to see what April brings, and I'm excited for next month's posts too :) But for now, do let me know, how has your March been?

Jennifer xx

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