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22 February 2017 24 comments

In the spirit of wellness and whatnot for 2017, I've been turning the somewhat simple task of 'going to bed' into an elaborate routine with as much pampering and quiet luxuries as possible. It's all about the little things after all right? I've seen and read, and most importantly really enjoyed, a number of 'Bedside Beauty' posts from other bloggers so today I thought I'd share some of my favourite bedtime possessions, from what I sleep in, to my evening skincare rotation, to the beauty picks I enjoy most. I hope you enjoy!

B E D D I N G   +   N I G H T W E A R

One of the most simplest of luxuries for me is to have some seriously delicious bedding. My silk pillowcases have become an absolute must, I'm noticing some wonderful differences in my skin and hair (more on this in this post) so I'd definitely suggest picking up a couple to rotate. I have this set of 1000 thread count bedding, which might seem on the one hand completely exorbitant, but getting into bed is a dream. Like slipping between the silky sheets of the very best hotel bed, it's truly a pleasure. This set from Anthropologie is absolutely divine, or try this 720 thread set for a little step down in price.

Last in my bedding regalia are the pjs and nightwear. Firstly, I must give a mention to RFA lingerie. I think they are quite possibly my most consistently favourite brand. Lots of silk and lace, it feels pretty and luxurious, whilst frankly being really quite affordable, and I really cherish that whilst there are a fresh turnover of colours and patterns, the shapes and styles of the lingerie remain the same. This little bralet is such perfection and I've just picked up this beautiful rose toned number. Which incidentally matches the colour of my silky pjs (they come in a pretty nude shade too). These feel wonderful against the skin, I especially love how the satin pools on your wrist.


I like to kick things off with my Omorovicza cleansing balm (which I've just noticed is not in the photographs!). I purchased this one last year and it's quickly become possibly my very favourite cleansing balm yet. The idea of mixing Hungary's magic earth with oil is an incredibly clever one, it's got a lovely texture and is gentle enough to use on my eyes.

I've been really enjoying using the Purelogicol peptide cleanser, having mentioned it in my Anti-Aging Elixirs post. Whilst it's capable of removing every last trace of makeup, I've been reserving this for a second cleanse - more so I'm able to indulge in the Omorovicza first than anything else!

I've been trying to get into the habit of using a face mask every night/day, although I'm finding it a struggle, if not only because F likes to try and make me laugh when I'm wearing them! These masks from Thank You Farmer are soaked in essence a plenty, and I find them to be really brightening. They're also one of the few masks that provide a noticeable, albeit temporary, firming effect which I think is magical. I needed little convincing to pick these up, a quick scan of the first ten ingredients landed them in my basket!

'Saccharomyces ferment, glycerin, butylene glycol, niacinamide, piper methysticum leaf/root/stem extract, dioscorea japonica root extract, phellinus linteus anthemis nobilis flower oil, arctium lappa root extract, calendula officinalis flower extract, portulaca oleracea extract...'

I've been flitting between two eye creams at the moment. I've never really placed too much importance on eye creams in the past but my dark circles are fairly intense at the moment, and I'm pretty fearful of those under-eye fine lines as I age! I mentioned the Purlisse eye serum in my review of the range and whilst I liked it then, it's really grown on me since. It's voluminous texture really plumps up my under eyes and makes those lines a lot less noticeable. For such an affordable product, I really enjoy the Wrinkle & Whitening eye cream from MilkyDress. It has a light but voluminous gel texture that's cooling and comfortable on the eye and I've noticed with continued use how it helps with fine lines (I think you see a trend forming?).

I've been completely addicted to the Whamisa toner that I talked about in this post, it's no secret. This watery liquid just makes my skin feel so soft and hydrated and plump, I can't help but use it morning and night! And for the remainder of my nighttime skincare routine, I alternate three products - all of which I can no longer live without! The P&M Superstar Oil (full review here), in short, is as Sunday Riley's Luna, only better and more affordable. It's absolutely capable of being the only thing I use at night, giving me hydration and moisture until late into the next morning. I would use it every night, but it would mean I couldn't use my super duo of the Swanicoco EGF ampoule (hear me gush about it more here) and Verso Night Cream. I think the EGF serum has possibly made the most marked difference in my skin of any product I'm using at the moment, it's 100% worth the purchase. I really love Verso skincare and their night cream doesn't disappoint. It's interestingly lighter and more fluid than their day cream which makes it perfect for layering for my skin.

Boy, just writing about these products makes me feel passionate. I'm so happy with my evening skincare at the minute I can't even tell you!

My finishing touches come in the form of a generous slathering of Chanel's Coco Baume, a pricey lipbalm but I've found nothing else that heals dry and chapped lips, and even minor cuts quite like this. My one product for my hair is the Grow Gorgeous Hair Serum (full review here). I've been trying to use this religiously and it's definitely quashing the number of hair's that escape my head, and making my hair feel longer and thicker.

What bits and pieces do you love before bed?

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