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5 October 2016 8 comments

The moment when, as a blogger, you break your camera..

I wanted to give a little explanation as to why I might seem to be posting a little less frequently at the moment! I thought I was being really smart by wrapping the camera strap around my wrist because it's a heavy piece of kit and I didn't want to drop it whilst taking flatlays. Unfortunately, that backfired when I went to get more props and tripped over a cable on the way back.. So I'm currently checked into Heartbreak Hotel whilst I wait for it to be repaired, so apologies for posts being a little thin on the ground at the moment and thank you all for your patience - I'll get things going again as soon as I can!

In the meantime I'll share a few photos from Instagram lately, starting with some beautiful blooms from Blossoming Gifts. If you didn't see my full review, they were generous enough to give me the code BGIFTS33 for 33% off (from which I don't benefit btw!) your choice of beautiful bouquets, I plumped for roses (obviously) and I feel like I need some more, now that it's getting colder and more miserable!

Need to give a mention to my Grown Alchemist lipbalm, which is my new favourite friend - the watermelon scent is like the last piece of summer as the season wanes, and it moisturises my lips exceptionally - they've been chapped, dry and crappy lately and this is doing wonders.

As for posts, I wrote about rebooting your life in September, and even though we're now in October (birthday month eek!), all the tips are still relevant, so you may find it useful! Another set of tips is my 5 Favourite Ways To Feel Prettier - and they're all easy as pie. I'm going to do an updated what's in my makeup bag as soon as I can get some pictures down, but check out the third pic above (or my Insta) for some strong favourites.

To round things up, I want to show some love for Vee's array of beautiful highlighters including the Modern Mercury highlighter *swoon* - go and give her account a follow, so many gorgeous products.

Like I mentioned above, October means birthday for me, and I'm stuck with my wishlist! What makeup and skincare items are you lusting after?? Let me know in the comments below!

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