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20 September 2016 25 comments


January might seem like the most obvious time of year for new resolutions but in practice it's quite possibly the worst! You feel the pressure of 'New Year New Start' and 'ruining' that if you slip up, you're mourning the festivities and comfort of the festive season and you've got a to-do list the length of your arm. I don't know if it's a school thing but I've always felt a natural opportunity to reconvene and reboot in September, so today I'm sharing 6 tips for making the most of the rest of your year.




Take an opportunity to let go.

If you think about this as a new start, now is the time to draw a line on the past, things or people that have bothered you, and any excess baggage you can afford to offload. Letting go of negativity or even projects that have been on the backburner for months, which you secretly know you'll never finish, allows you to start things afresh and be more productive, motivated and organised. Take the time to clean the slate.

Implement a self care plan.

It's important to take good care of yourself, and I think we all know that - even more so as our immune systems get a knock from colder weather and our moods are affected by the waning daylight hours. But when we're busy, stressed or down putting yourself first can sometimes fall by the wayside. September is a great time to overhaul your mind and body, and keeping a list of self-beneficial ideas handy to throw into my routine gives me things to be happy about when the chips are down, and gets me charged up for autumn, winter and the new year. Your list will be personal to you but it could be anything from a 5 min yoga session in the mornings, indulging in some facial massage, complimenting yourself, having a healthy breakfast, buying yourself something frivolous or indulgent, taking the dog to the park or giving yourself a new, creative project.

Learn a new skill.

It's easy to have gotten bogged down into a mundane routine over the last 8 months, especially with the responsibilities of a mortgage/rent/work etc. Now that summer is coming to an end, why not take this as a chance to do something new? Whether it's a new skill or experience, something you've always wanted to try, or something really spontaneous, it could be just want you need to stop things feeling humdrum.



Gather some fresh inspiration.

The winding down of summer and beginning of a new season strikes in me a chance for change, development and a change of path. Something I find really helpful is to gather up a fresh batch of inspiration, whether it's for my home, my diet, my blog or my life goals, to help me figure out where I want to go.

Book a holiday!

I always like to go away in October. Yes it happily coincides with my birthday but sometimes it's a break you need to properly reconvene and come back to the rest of the year afresh.

Reassess your goals.

If you made any resolutions in January, look back on them now that we're in September. Are they goals you're a) sticking to? and b) even still relevant? 8 months have passed and things could be quite different now than you might have imagined, so take the opportunity to think about where you want to be, and draft out some new ideas.


Do you feel more motivated for change in September? What are your favourite ways to reboot?

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