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29 September 2016 6 comments


We're constantly bombarded with glossy images of the 'perfect women' and living up to the standard the media creates can knock our confidence, when we should be feeling pretty every day. Today I'm sharing 5 easy ways to feel prettier in no time at all.



Get your hair done.

I love a good, swishy blow out or deep conditioning treatment to make me feel more confident and attractive. The whole experience of going to get your hair done is something I love doing - from the head massages (and massage chairs if you can get them), to having my hair brushed and played with. And don't think you can't replicate the results on a budget, I love to indulge in a few masks and treatments at home and give my locks some indulgence - my latest love being the Davines Nounou mask (US here) and Momo potion (US here), followed by the Oribe Supershine Cream (US here) - let me know if you'd like to see a haircare post!

Coat your lashes in castor oil.

This is one of my favourite beauty tricks. It's something I've been doing on and off for a couple of years, when my lashes feel a bit brittle, dry or short and it works for me every time. I soak the tip of a cotton bud and run it along both upper and lower lashlines every night before bed and I see results in a matter of weeks. Honestly, don't waste your money on lash growth serums before you've tried this (I like this one atm).

Nurture yourself.

Feeling beautiful has a lot to do with care, and giving yourself the works, especially if you don't do it often, can make you feel worlds better about yourself. Especially as things are beginning to turn darker and colder, I love running myself an indulgent bath - I'm really into bath oils and oily sugar scrubs at the moment. I love the ESPA lavender and REN rose oils for soothing and relaxation, although next on the list is the sumptuous Inner Strength bath oil from Aromatherapy Associates, it's a deliciously heady mix of clary sage, frankincense and cardamom. Half the battle to feeling pretty, I feel, is having a good skin day, so whilst I'm soaking away my troubles in the bath, I love to apply my Grown Alchemist oil (review here) and seal it in with my Madecassoside sheet mask to soothe my skin and blitz blemishes.

Wear beautiful lingerie.

Beautiful underwear isn't just for date night, and considering it unimportant/frivolous might suggest you're undervaluing your private life compared to your public life. I don't care what size you are, wearing something luxurious, well made and and darn right sexy makes us girls feel subtly more beautiful, feminine and empowered. Lacy numbers I'm loving down further down!

Take a different perspective.

The next time you look in the mirror and start judging yourself too harshly, try to pretend you're a friend, and I bet you won't be half as critical. Would they think your pores are too big? Or that your nose is crooked? Or that your boobs sag? Of course they wouldn't, because a lot of that are vices only we feel.

How do you like to make yourself feel prettier? Leave your top tips down below!


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