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18 August 2016 10 comments

I've been drinking this by the litre lately - it's the most moreish and delicious of drinks. And whenever we have friends over, they want it too, in fact, if you've been to my house this summer, you'll already have had it.

There are a number of ways to go about peach iced tea, depending on how lazy you're feeling, I mean heck, buy a bottle of Liptons and stick some fruit and mint into it if you want! But I've been playing around with the recipe and I think I've finally tweaked things to a tee.

Here's what you'll need for a big jug:

4 large peaches or 6 smaller + extra for garnish
250ml or 1 cup of water
100ml agave syrup (more if you like it sweeter)
A bunch of mint
2.5l of water - use less if you like a stronger flavour.
6 black tea bags
A lime

First up you'll need to make a peach syrup, which thankfully is no hard task. Tip a cup of water and the agave syrup into a pan on a medium heat. Chop up 4 peaches (irregular shapes and skin on is fine, although I peel mine) and add to the mix. Bring your pan to a simmer and give everything a good stir before turning off the heat and letting the mixture steep and cool down - anything from 30 mins to an hour - throw in a few mint sprigs now to subtly spike the syrup with a minty twang, and you can add a tiny squeeze of lime here too.

Onto the tea part, boil up your kettle and throw in all 6 teabags (you can of course use loose tea leaves but bagged tea is a little less faff). Leave to infuse for 4 minutes, remove the teabags and leave the tea to cool.

Once everything's cold, it's just a matter of combining and serving up. Strain your peach syrup into the tea through a muslin cloth without squashing or pressing the mixture through and you'll get a clearer drink - and definitely reserve the sweet, sticky peaches for eating! Give everything a mix and add ice.

To serve up, I like some sliced peaches in my glass - use frozen peaches for a great, flavoured ice 'cube' - and some lime and peach on the side of my glass. Don't forget a mint sprig to act as stirrer and play thing, and enhance the minty flavour.

All that's left is to drink in copious amounts. Infusing the serum with mint gives it a fresh twist, delicious. I feel like I'd be happy at a peach themed dinner party. Roasted peach salad, lots of jugs of peach iced tea, peach sorbet, I even found peach marshmallows the other day which I'm now addicted to eating.. And if strawberries are more your thing, you definitely need to try my Strawberry Mint Cooler!

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