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29 July 2016 20 comments


I recently rounded up a little collection of my 12 beauty products for hot weather in this post, so I thought today I'd follow things up with a few more favourites and a tutorial! I specifically wanted to focus on a 'dewy but heatproof' makeup - the perfect balance that can be a tough one to achieve. This is a look you can wear on a very hot summers day, especially in the city or for work, so let's get started.




In the summer, especially as my skin gets more combo, I skip the moisturiser altogether and just stick to either a serum or a hydrating face mist. I featured the Luminous Real Radiance Mist from The Saem in Part 2 of my recent Korean Skincare & Makeup Haul - it's desperately inexpensive, filled with excellent ingredients and provides enough moisture without overloading the skin with slippery creams. If that's a little hard to come by or you'd like a mostly oil free (excluding essential oils) alternative, this Trilogy rosehip mist is an amazing alternative, I've been trialling it lately and it's uber refreshing, gentle and aromatic - you can also get it in this little try-out set along with some other products from the Trilogy rosehip line, so travel friendly.

Frankly, I forgo primer more than I use it, but recently I've been loving the J One Jelly Pack (read more about it in this post). It's an excellent adhere-r of cushion foundations, with an almost tacky texture that really glues bases to your face. It's got a ton of niacinamide in it, alongside other skin benefitting ingredients, so really brightens the skin and leaves it looking dewy and radiant.



Korean summer cushion foundations were made for the intensely hot summers we get over there and they prove themselves to work time and again. I've spoken before about the Etude House Real Powder cushion, which is another good, hot weather option, but today I've plumped for my Laneige BB Pore Control cushion. It's got a lovely natural-skin finish with a subtle glow that's perfect for normal to combo skins - it doesn't get more oily or shiny throughout the day so I don't have to powder, and if a little sweat is inevitable, it touches up beautifully. The texture is utterly gorgeous, a smooth, lightweight foundation with light but buildable coverage. If you've more oily skin, I'd recommend trying a pact, like the Chosungah Bounce Up Pact, essentially a cushion style foundation in a cream to powder compact.



For some colour and shading around the face, I find a nice, fine powder works best - as my hairline is the first place I'll start to get a bit sweaty and sticky (nice). The contour shade in my Innisfree Face Designing Duo in Afternoon Sunshine is more like a bronzer and has an excellent texture. It layers beautifully over the cushion and the subtle pigmentation means you can really get a seamless, blended look out of it in about five seconds. I then take the bronze shade from the beautiful Neo Bronzer (here for the US) from Kevyn Aucoin (full review + try on here) and lightly go back and forth under my cheekbones. If you're a Pale Poppy, or Fair Phoebe, something like the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light is perfect for dusting on a little, natural looking colour.


For blush, I work with a number of products in incredibly light and sheer layers to build up dimension and 'budgeproofnosity'. I like starting off with a cream stick blush, like my Laura Mercier Bonne Mine Blush Stick in Peach Glow (here for the US), a beautiful, peach-pink coral, and blend that over the apples of my cheeks with my fingers. I then like to seal things in with a powder (Heatproof mantra, repeat after me: cream to powder, cream to powder, cream to powder..), something more pinky like the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Luminous Flush or the blush shade from my Kevyn Aucoin Neo Bronzer. In fact, the 'inbetween shades' in the Neo Bronzer are perfect for melding all the cheek shades together.

Everyone's favourite time, it's highlighting time! Once again, cream to powder, in slightly different shades to get a little dimension. I start off with my Elizabeth Arden Prismatic Highlighter (full review + swatches here), my favourite highlighter of 2016 (and with my exponentially growing collection, that's quite the accolade indeed!). A quick swipe and preliminary blend then a swift dusting of the highlight shade from the Innisfree Face Designing Duo - a dead ringer for Kevyn Aucoin's Candlelight cream (here for the US), but in powder form. With my face inevitably gaining some shine in the hot weather, I'm choosing a subtle highlight so I don't end up looking 'au discoball'.

As far as brows go, I skip the crayons and powders in fear of wiping them, along with the perspiration, off my face (I speak from experience). Something more waterproof like a gel or pomade is a much better bet. I can't say enough good things about my Freedom Brow Pomade, it's a mere £5 and behaves like a high end product - an excellent dupe for the ABH version.




For eyes, the easiest way to do melt proof makeup is with a long lasting cream shadow whether it's in stick or pot form. Something like the Laura Mercier Caviar eye sticks (here for the US), the Maybelline Colour Tattoos (here for the US), the By Terry Ombre Blackstars (here for the US) or Clarins Ombre Iridescente shadow pots. You can't argue with the formula, you dont need to use primer and can blend with fingers. The Pixi Endless Silky Eye pencils (Bronze Beam is my fave) are pretty sensational too - they're excellent, smooth, soft and long wearing, whether you wear them as liners or smudge them all over the eye. For a little definition, I'll just pick up a teensy bit of the contour shade from my Innisfree duo and run that through my socket. For mascara it's got to be my favourite combo of Chanel's Inimitable and Innisfree Microcara, but I've put on these false lashes today because I wanted things super lashy.



In hot weather, I say you've got three options for lips, either a long wearing, matte lipstick, deeply embedded into the lips, a lipstain like these new ones from the Body Shop that come in 9 shades, or something light and balmy that's guaranteed to wear off but looks most natural and summery and is the easiest to reapply. I've gone for my Rosie For Autograph Lip Glossy in My Best Girl Friend, a beautiful peachy balm that I'd completely forgotten about until I stumbled back across it recently - such a pretty, summery shade.



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  1. I really want to try a cushion style foundation as there seem to be so many out there now and im really intrigued by them! Lovely post and gorgeous photo's!

    Emmy | EmmysBeautyCave | Bloglovin

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  5. Such a wonderful post! You look glowing and incredible! x


  6. I love the make up, and even more the fact that it's heat proof! With my make up everything just melts away when I leave the house :(

  7. I have a similar stick bronzer but from the brand Flower Beauty and I really need to play with it and I have been struggling to use Dim Light recently. It just seems to sit funny on my skin. :-(

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  8. Such gorgeous photos! You have some lovely products aswell :) x

    ♡ itsjessiejane ♡

  9. the heat has been so crazy lately! i'm actually not sure if i've tried any of these but i'll have to check them out :)

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  10. Beautiful picks! I'm such a huge fan of Hourglass Dim Light powder and I didn't know that Trilogy made a Rosehip mist- I'll have to check it out! :)

  11. Your makeup looks so flawless and dewy in this post!:)

    Emily xo

  12. You mentioned so many lovely products I'm tempted to try! And I really like the finished look :)

  13. After reading this I definitely want to try some of these products are my makeup always slides all over the place especially in this summer heat! The photos are AMAZING!

  14. You look beautifully glowy! This is such a great look!

  15. Your photography is stunning and your skin looks beautiful - so fresh and glowing! I love using cream products during Summer :) it just makes everything quick and easy

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  16. Your makeup looks so pretty and natural! I love it

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    I love your blog!


  18. You take the most amazing photos, flawless babe. Gorgeous makeup look, especially the lashes xxx

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