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22 May 2016 11 comments

I've got some really exciting news that I'm sharing with you today, and I really hope you'll come on the ride with me!

For what seems like the longest time, I've been hmm-ing and errm-ing and generally debating about launching a shop here on Barely There Beauty selling Korean skincare, and.... well I've finally taken the plunge and done it!

Shop Barely There Beauty. Eek it's actually live!

Why Korean Skincare?

Korean skincare is a) wonderful, b) inexpensive but c) a b*tch to get hold of if you're in the UK - orders take forever to arrive and expedited shipping can get really costly - I'm guilty of paying more for the shipping than I have for the products.. I use and love so many Korean brands that aren't readily available here and frankly, with shipping costs, delivery times, not to mention customs, the whole thing can just be frustrating.

As you probably know if you're a long time reader here, I love Korean skincare, it's been instilled in me for as long as I can remember. I suppose I'm bringing my shipping annoyances and Korean heritage together, so I've set up my shop! I've picked out a few of my favourite finds, some long-time faves, others new loves. It's just a small selection at the moment, it's definitely in it's baby-days, but I'm hoping to increase and increase as times goes on - that goes for lowering prices too!

For the time being, shipping is available within the United Kingdom only (you lucky things in the US have it a lot easier than us here!) and I'm taking out the damn long wait times by fulfilling orders right here in the UK, via Royal Mail. And shipping will all be free - one of my main aims was to make sure shipping was free and super speedy.

I'd love you to take a look around (there'll be a link up in the navbar shortly too) and couldn't be more grateful for the support and patience (especially through any initial teething problems - I've done everything myself, which on the one hand I'm so proud of, but there's every chance it won't be perfect!) that you guys give. I hope you guys love the shop, please let me know your thoughts and feedback.

N.B There are a few issues with viewing the homepage on a mobile device atm but I'm hoping to have these sorted as soon as possible! Thank you for your patience!

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  1. This sounds super exciting! I haven't ever tried Korean skincare but I'm actually on the hunt for something new as nothing seems to be working with my face. I'll definitely check it out.
    XO lottie

  2. I haven't tried korean products before and it is sooooo difficult to find one that ships to my country (sad face). I wish I could get my hands of these lovely goodies.. :)


  3. AAAAHHHHH I'm so excited! I love Korean products and they are normally so tricky to get hold of! Well done you!

    Beekeyper - Latest post - 6 Steps to Swoon-Worthy Skin

  4. Very exciting news!! I love Korean beauty products but like you say it's not exactly the easiest thing to get hold of so I'm really pleased to see your new site. It looks fab!!

  5. I need to try Korean brands for skin products more! ^^

  6. Good luck on your shop. I've heard a lot about Korean products but never had a chance to get hold of them.

  7. How exciting it is! Good luck with the shop :) Korean beauty products make a big impression so I am sure you're doing a great thing for bringing them that close to us :)

    Ela BellaWorld

  8. Congrats girl! The shop is looking amazing! I actually have never tried Korean products, but they're so popular right now... that I feel I'm missing out big time! I really need to check them out, and find out how to get them, since I live in Mexico. I'm sure they sell them somewhere, I just have to look around!
    Indie Suns | Bloglovin' | Instagram

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