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20 May 2016 3 comments


It's not often I feature a bargain-basement-priced product in a post of it's own here on BTB. But as much as I adore high end makeup, a makeup product that is exceedingly good value and performs like it belongs in a department store gets me just as excited. I feel that everybody needs to know about this one.


Let's get the bad out of the way first. I hate the packaging. It's that nasty cheap plastic where you feel like you'll break the hinge. I guess it could be worse if it were.. I don't know, yellow and velveteen or something. The sponge applicator is pointless as I'll never use it (they never get clean like a brush). The one redeeming feature is the clear lid so you can see all the shadow colours. Although I think I'd rather pay .. three times the price, if they gave me a nice brush and housed everything in a more desirable case. Because the shadows are worth it..


The palette is predominantly shimmery with a few satins and mattes thrown in. All the textures are pigmented and creamy, bar perhaps the first shade that comes out pale and quite faint. I love the rosy theme, there's scope to get your perfect shade by mixing or layering colours, it seems like any combination you could choose is flattering. The shadows wear well (well, not great - they seem to fade after only a few hours, but I like to use a mixing medium, using them wet, to get them to stick and stay) and some of the shimmery shades especially have a beautiful multi-tonal depth to them, as you can see below.

The top row of shadows are heavily pink themed, the second row very warm and the third row cool toned, which I think is a lovely mix.


I know you'll look at this palette and once you get over the Nars Dual Intensity-esque design, you'll think, boy, this looks like another palette I know of.. And you'd be right. There are actually some really good Naked 3 dupe colours.

Shade 1 is identical in colour to Strange but less pigmented.
#2 is like Dust layered over Burnout.
#4 is very similar to Nooner.
#5 is very similar to Buzz.
#6 is very similar to Trick, but warmer.
#10 is identical on the eye to Mugshot but swatches more golden.
#12 is similar to Blackheart but with a more purpley/plum base and more micro glitter.


I've nabbed this photo from From Head To Toe so you can see the similarities.


Not all the pans are created equal, some are easier to use than others, although I wouldn't call any of them duds. The frostier shades (eg #2) can kick up some fallout and some (the bottom row) tend to build colour more easily than others. In general I'd recommend going in with a flat, synthetic shader brush to pat on colour and blending only the edges rather than going mad with the blending brush.

I think this palette is fantastic value, especially for someone like myself who doesn't wear shadows everyday. And the price?

£4. What a steal. You can pick yours up here

Have you tried Freedom makeup? Any items on your wishlist?

PS have you seen these beautiful Rimmel palettes?

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