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29 May 2016 7 comments


Dans La Lumiere de L'Ete has finally launched in the UK (it literally feels like I've been waiting the longest time for it) and I popped into the stores to go have a swipe and a play. Let's take a look at all the swatches and my thoughts.


Summer 2016 is a pretty small and somewhat limited collection - there are no Illusion D'Ombres (this upsets me greatly) and even no lipsticks, I know, what?! The range does contain however, 2 cheek compacts, 6 new lipglosses, an eyeshadow quad, 5 new nail colours, 2 eyeliners and a mascara.





Les Beiges Healthy Glow Multi Colour Duo £43 | These limited edition cheek duos are one of the standout products from the range for me. Whenever Chanel come out with a new collection, I'm always drawn to the face compacts and palettes and they never fail me. Coming in 2 shade options, each is beautifully formulated - the powders are just exceptional in both how finely milled they are and how they apply and blend, even over a dewy cushion foundation. All shades bar perhaps the highlight in No.2 are strongly pigmented, you need the teeniest dab to get good colour payoff. Whilst they amalgamate seamlessly into the skin the more you buff and blend, you don't lose colour - they still give you pigment. It just looks exactly like your own skin, especially the extra bright blush shade in palette No.2, using the tiniest amount it's surprisingly beautiful, exactly mimicking your own natural flush to look like you're blushing from within. I know I said the highlight shade in compact No.2 isn't as pigmented as the others, but that doesn't mean I like it any less, in fact it's probably my favourite of them all. It gives you the most undetectable sheen and sophisticated glow, behaving more like a gel than anything else. Truly beautiful.

Levres Scintillantes Gloss Aqua £22 | Chanel have reformulated their glosses for these 6 new shades and I'm thoroughly enjoying the results of their labour. The lipglosses have now adopted a more tint/stain/oil quality about them, they're jelly-like in their pigment and really comfortable to wear. There's a little bit of stick when you pucker your lips together but there's no glop or gloss, it's a really flattering shine. There's not one shade I dislike, and 5 of them are real summer classics (pink, tangerine etc) but 608 Dzhari has got to be my favourite from the lot - it's really versatile, sheering down to a reddened rosey-neutral, or you can choose to build it up to something more rich and autumnal.


Les 4 Ombres in Empreinte Du Desert Exclusive Creation £42 | The quad for this collection is beautifully embossed like little sand dunes, adorable albeit superficial. In all honesty, I don't know how I feel about the shades. I'm a neutrals girl over and over and the pale gold, cafe au lait and dark brown shades don't disappoint - there's a dryness to their texture, definitely not creamy, that I really enjoy, and they're pigmented and smooth. The green is actually surprisingly nice, the golden shimmer in it helps keep it coordinating with the other shades and you can actually mix to get something a little more olivine which I love. For me though, I'm just not like 'yes', I think of Kiko's Water shadows (in 200 and 208) and even this L'Oreal winner than fulfill the neutral side for me, and would I buy the palette just for the green? If these are the types of shades you're looking for and you want something really top quality, I'd say go for it, there's just something that isn't exciting me about it like there is about the cheek compacts.




Stylo Yeux Waterproof £19 | I think if you love and want the green from this collection, this is the way to have it. The liners are beautiful. Both shades are slick, emollient and last well and the colours are just yes. 827 Sable is (anything but sable..) a really beautiful golden, bronzey copper, exceedingly flattering, the coppery tones bring out all eye colours. It's like a 'hot sands' kind of shade that I adore. 817 Oasis is an emerald green with golden shimmer, similar enough to the eyeshadow from the quad. I did shy away from this but the lovely Jacques at the Chanel counter smudged this into the outer lower lash line and it really worked - giving you definition and a tiny hint of colour that wasn't obvious nor unflattering. Both these liners really compliment eachother, I'm wearing Sable on top and Oasis on bottom in the photo.


Le Vernis £18 | 5 new nail colours for you, one on each nail. Interesting colour palette they've gone for, let's say that for a start. 524 Turban, a glossy, vibrant corally-pink and 534 Espadrilles, a bright scarlet-coral red are what my eye go to first. Both glide on easily in a nice, thin layer and sort themselves out on the nail to finish smooth and pigmented. They're really lovely, and perfect summer shades but I feel are definitely replicable at the drugstore or by someone like Essie - I might have to look into finding some dupes for you. 532 Canotier, I can't lie, I'm just not fond of. It's a pale gold which is pretty, but the metallic finish is harder to work with and just looks a bit streaky. Whilst the 2 remaining colours aren't what I would normally gravitate to and I'm not even sure how and if I would wear them, I think they're worth looking at twice. 524 Cavaliere and 536 Emeraude both contain the signature Chanel shimmer, the most subtle and sophiscated nail polish shimmer known to us as of yet, and both apply as beautifully as the pink and red above. Emeraude is a emerald-wheatgrass-shot green with golden shimmer that I can see as an evening shade - black dress, gold accessories, that kind of thing. Cavaliere is a chocolate-y brown that I can't make my mind up about. Had there been any undertones of purple, burgundy or maroon I'd have no hesitation but just a warm, rich brown I'm not so sure. I always ask for Chanel to come up with something unusual though in their nail polishes, because that's what I love them for, and Emeraude and Cavaliere are just that, so I can't really complain.


So thoughts everyone? Whilst it's a small collection, the formula of, well.. everything is superb so even if I'm not bowled over by some of the colours, it's a overall win for me.

Will you be picking up any pieces?

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