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30 April 2016 9 comments


Let's all just take a moment shall we? To appreciate how beautiful these powders look. Dior recently launched their Summer 2016 collection (swatches + review here for you) and I, predictable as hell, plumped for another embossed powder to add to my stash...


The Nude Air Glow Powders £39, identical in design inside and out to the much loved Nude Air Tan Powders, are the latest drop of bronzing products, as part of Dior's Summer 2016 collection. Whilst the Nude Air Tan's are one flat colour, in either a satin or matte finish, the Glow powders contain a little shimmer, and the 4 shades within each palette swirl together to give you a multidimensional look. Per all these compacts, you get a velvet pouch (meh), a mini kabuki, and the compact itself, with it's magnetic closure, the quilted design on the outer and large mirror on the inner. I don't tend to worry about weights and measures, but you get a generous 10g (0.35oz) of product to play with, over double a Nars blush for instance.



There are 4 shades to choose from, although only 001 Fresh Tan and 002 Fresh Light are available to those in the US, at least for now. Shades 001, 002 and 003 apply as a variation of bronze, from light to dark, all of which are definitely warm and have a pretty golden shimmer. Whilst they're lovely, I'd argue there are many alternatives available on the market. 004 Warm Light, on the other hand, is far more special. A beautiful bronzer-blush hybrid, with a matte bronzing shade, shimmer bronzing shade, matte blush and shimmer blush, it immediately caught my eye. So let's have a closer look.




These luminous powders are super finely milled and apply beautifully on the skin. I like to go in with a large fluffy brush rather than the mini kabuki provided and sweep onto my cheeks and temples for the prettiest of flushes. The pink and tan shades within the palette give you a multidimensional glow, you can see there's a warmth and sunkissed colour to your skin that you wouldn't get from using a pink blush alone, it's like completely foolproof way to expertly blend and apply bronzer and blush simultaneously, in one easy sweep . Not especially pigmented, you can start off with subtlety or build layers without it looking any less perfect. I must admit I did tend to veer away from shimmer and glitter in cheek products but once on the skin, this looks beautiful, like you're glowing with health.

Dior Nude Air Glow Powder £39

Pick them up at Boots and use your points, or John Lewis & Escentual if you're in the UK and Sephora and Nordstrom for those of you in the US.

Have you tried any of the Nude Air products? I think Warm Light is a worthy addition!

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