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23 March 2016 9 comments

Writing more personal posts on Barely There Beauty is something I've been thinking about lately. Although I'm not the type of person to just put myself out there unreservedly (that's already a random fact right there), I'd like you to get to know me a little better. And what better way to start off this trend than by sharing with you 25 inane vacuous random facts about me!

1. My middle name is Anne.

2. I'm a maths grad and the biggest geek, everything gets analysed and quantified, possibly the foundations as to why I worry and stress about everything!

3. I'm obsessed with skincare/Korean skincare, being Korean it's been instilled in me since I was a tyke. My aunt is a skincare specialist in Korea and I raid her knowledge banks for all the best tips. She has the best skin I've ever seen.

4. I love peach scented anything, and peaches themselves, I eat them whenever I can even though I'm slightly allergic.

5. I have such sleeping difficulties.

6. I'm not really a fan of makeup palettes.

7. Afternoon tea, street food and breakfasts out and about are my definitely-not-guilty pleasures. My jaunt to Dishoom, Covent Garden was pretty delish, their chai tea yessss.

8. My wardrobe, a gigantic mother of pearl and lacquer number a) is the most beautiful thing ever and b) matches nothing.

9. I have a chronic case of wanderlust, I often get urges to literally up sticks and head off. Next on the list is Cinque Terre.

10. I play piano, Einaudi is one of my faves to listen to. Playing piano really destresses me, esp. if it's something fast and/or angry. Fellow musicians you feel me?

11. I'm a list lover (in proper pen and paper), but don't currently have a bucket list. Going to have to remedy this soon.

12. I get roughly fortnightly cravings of one particular foodstuff, atm it's my Mul Naeng Myun recipe, omg good.

13. I'm (the only human in existence that is) not into films.

14. I don't really drink, give me water any day. Don't worry I make up the calories with food.

15. I don't like ice cream.

16. Despite my picture-perfect Instagram life, I have as many issues as the next person, I just like 'collecting' flatlays on there!

17. We've recently just signed for a new house! I'm going to moving to Sleepy Surburbia, partially mainly because I want to do the 'walks with the dog by the river etc' life and I don't think having a nice fat labrador (or something of the like) in London is fair. I'm SO excited to make everything quaint and homely and get blankets and candles and glass trays everywhere! Hands up if you'd like to see more of our new home on BTB in the future?

18. I'm a bit obsessed with duochrome eyeshadows as of late, the pink from this palette I picked up at Superdrug is just YES.

19. I don't say sorry 'willy-nillily' (if anyone gets that reference I will be seriously impressed) but when I say it I mean it.

20. Roasted sweet potatoes and parnips are some of my favourite things. 

21. I have a very short attention span, god knows how I got through uni.

22. I'm an only child. As to whether I have only-child-syndrome, I don't know.. I think I'm pretty grounded!

23. The 'your-X-but-better' is my total beauty philosphy, like my 8 tips for your-skin-but-better perfection.

24. I'd rather read cookery books than novels.

25. My parents toyed with the idea of calling me Genevieve (how romantic and Francais would that have been?!) after the Patron Saint of Paris (we used to go every year when I was younger) but stuck with Jennifer as there aren't any ugly abbreviations, which is something that I'll be keeping in mind if and when I have babybears!

Et voila, nous sommes arrives a la fin. I tag anyone who wants to post something similar and for the rest of you, leave me a random fact about yourself in the comments!

PS have you seen my Lancome Juicy Shakers swatches? I'm in love!

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