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11 February 2016 13 comments


I love talking about Asian products because, more than likely, I get to gush. And there's lots of gushing to be done today. Take a look at my guide on Where To Buy Korean Beauty Products but I really recommend Yesstyle, a huge range, competitive pricing and free shipping to the UK over only £25.


Starting off, these new-er Innisfree Second Skin sheet masks are among some of my very favourites right now. They're not as expensive as some of the masks you might come across as the Korean beauty trend picks up pace (Travelmate, Shiseido etc) but perform just as well or better than them! I don't think there's too much specifically to say about sheet masks, other than the quality of the mask, shape and adherence, how the essence makes your skin feel after use, that kind of thing, in all of which these score top marks. There's not too much immediate distinction between Brightening/Nourishing/Moisture etc, they're all similar and all good, but each with specific active ingredients that might be beneficial in the longer term:

Anti-Trouble: propolis
Moisture: lotus flower, plum, castor oil
Nourishing: ceramide
Brightening: vitamin C derivatives
Lift Up: collagen

These guys really plump my skin up. In a totally non disgusting way, it feels as if I've had botox but with water? There's a trend in Korea atm to have hyaluronic acid injections? That terrifies me a little but the Innisfree masks for me make an excellent alternative. With my family being Korean, I have tried a lot of sheet masks, but these really impress me. I'll be repurchasing.

The Innisfree Face Designing Duo is a lovely duo of matte highlighting and contour shades. More subtle and natural than the Western drugstore contour palettes I've tried, it comes in a few shade options and is less than £10. The powders are creamy and super subtlely pearlised to look like skin rather than dusty or noticeable makeup. A nice, and much more affordable, alternative to the Kevyn Aucoin cream contour duo.

I also picked up a few of the Innisfree Cushion Foundation sponges. They sell these separately to the compacts, at only a few £'s, and they're my favourite way of applying base at the moment. Tap tap tap and they blend product out effortlessly whilst soaking up less liquid than a Beautyblender/RT sponge.



I love the Iope Moistgen range. It's good. Really hydrating, it's perfect for skins in their late teens/twenties that are just needing really good looking after and preventative measures. Whilst each product is great on it's own, I notice the biggest improvements using the Moistgen Softener, followed by the Emulsion then the Cream. Korea just knows how to do hydration. For the ultimate routine, I'll do an Innisfree sheetmask from above, followed by the Moistgen range (a thick layer of the cream), then go to bed. When morning rolls around, my skin feels plump and fat like a cherub. In the best way possible. Another definite repurchase.


I think I'll be doing a solo post featuring the O Hui Perfect Sun Red sunscreen as it's just everything I want in an SPF. Non oily, lightweight, it doesn't block my pores, break me out, mess with my makeup, there's  little to no whitecast, and alcohol isn't the second ingredient like with many other lightweight sunscreens.

It's a physical sunscreen meaning it scatters UV rays and you don't have to apply it 20 minutes before sun exposure. I'll be going indepth with photos in a later post so look out for that! (I really want to try this powder SPF 50 sunscreen too.)

I also picked up the O Hui Miracle Moisture cleanser and cleansing wipes. Facewipes are facewipes but these a) feel really nice and b) remove makeup really well. I definitely like cleansing gels and balms for the evening but for when I want a nice, refreshing face wash in the mornings, this is the only one I use now, I've thrown all my others out. Creamy and cleansing, it's a winner.


I won't deny that this is Expensive. The History of Whoo Ja Saeng Essence is a specialist, heavy duty, anti-ageing serum that promises to resurface your skin, making it super smooth and more firm, and increasing suppleness and elasticity. My aunt (a Korean skincare expert) uses this religiously and has truly incredible skin so if you can afford to splurge..


Last up, a hair pack. You're thinking 'what??'. A hair pack. The 7 Days Steam Hair Pack by SD Hair is a sheet mask for your hair essentially. I might have to give this a post of it's own too, but for now, it's a turbietowel coated with essence that you wrap your hair up in and let sit for 10-15 minutes. It self heats (presumably from the heat of your head) and you end up with much softer, silkier hair. My results? I'll have to keep that under wraps for now....!

Will you be picking up any of these K-beauty products?

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