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22 January 2016 10 comments

This nail polish is so beautiful and special, I'm giving it a post all of it's own. 

Marc Jacobs' Petra Nail Lacquer is exactly the kind of nail polish I love. Something somewhat muted, within my favoured colour palette (nudes/burgundy/taupey mauves etc) and definitely something a little complex and different. And this is exactly that. (It's not the easiest thing to get hold of but I have good news at the end of this post!)

(Right, here I go at trying to describe it.) A deep, cool toned aubergine with a hint of purple and pewter, with micro fine bronzey gold shimmer and even finer silver shimmer. It's one of those polishes that looks different in different lights, sometimes cooler, more often warmer, next to gold jewellery it looks more gold, next to silver, more silver, I love it. 

Petra has a fairly thick formula compared to some polishes and to get the perfect application, don't try and touch up areas, go in confidently with your first swipes and leave it at that. Let each layer dry thoroughly before the next. 2 coats gives me the perfect coverage. The wear time is pretty excellent. This polish doesn't chip easily, it withstands scratching, pulling on and doing up jeans, typing etc, but when it chips it goes and starts chipping everywhere. Once your manicure is dry, even with all the glitter, the texture is completely smooth. 

Before I just 'did the right thing' and picked up Petra, I thought I could be clever and get a dupe but I should have known better! There's really nothing like it, it even sticks out to me from this line up from Jennifer's blog

I've been in a pretty monogamous relationship with Chanel's Malice for a long time, but, being a limited edition colour that I've completely used up, I need to move on, to something equally as special and one of a kind. I think Petra is it!

You can pick up Petra from Sephora if you're in the US, or you can use a European Sephora to have it shipped to the UK. Otherwise pop into the Marc Jacobs store in London. However, Harrods are going to be stocking the full range of Marc Jacobs beauty as of (hopefully) Feb 2016, eek!

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