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17 January 2016 24 comments


It's hard to believe that, before this point, I hadn't picked up any Charlotte Tilbury eye products. So I ventured onto Net-A-Porter (any excuse to shop from this website, their service is amazing) to grab a few pieces.

I've been looking at the holiday collection duos for ages, to-ing and frow-ing between The Huntress and On The Prowl, until finally plumping for The Huntress/Amber Moon duo (limited edition) along with the Colour Chameleon eye pencil in Dark Pearl.



The Huntress shadow is described as a 'smoky golden-bronze' and in all the swatches I've seen it looks amazinggg, one of those complex, unusual colours I like to fill my collection with. I'd actually say it's a smoky, grey-taupe with a warm brown undertone, and a glint of something olive green and very occasionally a cool plum about it, depending in which light you're in. And it's a lot darker than I thought it would be. Golden bronze says to me... something closer to Urban Decay's Half Baked? and this is certainly not like that. I was so excited to try this, I've got to admit I'm disappointed with the colour, I just don't think it suits me..



The formula is much more dry than I expected, I wouldn't call it a buttery shadow at all, like my Marc Jacobs palette or some Sleek, but the colour payoff is excellent. It goes on smoothly, and blends beautifully, (as I'd expect with a Tilbury shadow) leaving you with a metallic sheen speckled with fine gold and silver shimmer. It's at least a good 6 hours before the shadow starts looking a bit ropey, the formula is fab.


The Rock N Kohl liner in Amber Moon is described as a 'rich amber shade'. I'd actually describe it as a dark brown liner with a amber/bronze metallic pearl/shimmer, but the overall colour is dark and the shimmer is very fine. I have to say I actually prefer the colour of Pixi's Bronzebeam.. The texture of Amber Moon is super smooth though and it has a great lasting power.



The Dark Pearl Colour Chameleon stick is a gorgeous taupey-mauve with subtle undertones of brown/plum and a glint of rose gold in the light. Now this one is really up my street. Unlike Champagne Diamonds, Dark Pearl is not so much glittery, but has a gorgeous, soft sheen finish that's easy to wear day or night.


I don't think it looks half as pretty in photos as it does in real life. The texture is similar to Amber Moon, very creamy, silky, blends effortlessly when it's wet and doesn't budge once it's dry. And it's the complex colour I wanted that looks different in different lights. You can literally go in with the one product and it looks like you've done a whole eye look.

I'm so sad that The Huntress just wasn't my cup of tea.. hopefully there's someone out there who feels the same way about On The Prowl and we can swap(!) But Dark Pearl really is a winner.

Have you tried any of the Nocturnal Cat Eyes to Hypnotise or the Colour Chameleon shadow sticks??? What did you think? And what do you think I should do with The Huntress duo?!

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