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26 January 2016 16 comments

A quick little post for you today. Barry M recently released a few nail care products, including 2 little bottles that promise to be the ultimate in 'barely there beauty' nails. Of course I had to pick them up.

The Barry M Mani Masks are rather like a BB style product for your nails. A little tint, a little opacity and a little conditioning, these give you a semi-matte, semi-sheer finish that's comparable to Butter London's Nail Foundation. I'd actually say it's a pretty good dupe full stop. 

The polishes come in 2 shades, 'Bashful', a pale pink and 'Birthday Suit', a creamy nude. Bashful is slightly more opaque and bright, if either you're on the fairer side or that's just your preference, but I think I prefer Birthday Suit on myself. In all honesty, there's little difference once on the nails, there's really no need to get both shades. 

In terms of practicalities, you get a nice wide brush that makes application fail safe and the dry time is excellent, you barely have to wait between layers (I think 1 or 2 coats looks lovely).

I must say I'm really impressed. It gives your nails 'that little something' to show you give a damn about your appearance but is lovely and demure and simple, I guess the perfect 'barely there'. And as that's what I'm fundamentally all about, I'm a taker. I'm really into this 'incognito nail' look, and you can get it all for a mere £3.99 per polish.

What do you think??

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