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26 January 2016 16 comments

A quick little post for you today. Barry M recently released a few nail care products, including 2 little bottles that promise to be the ultimate in 'barely there beauty' nails. Of course I had to pick them up.

The Barry M Mani Masks are rather like a BB style product for your nails. A little tint, a little opacity and a little conditioning, these give you a semi-matte, semi-sheer finish that's comparable to Butter London's Nail Foundation. I'd actually say it's a pretty good dupe full stop. 

The polishes come in 2 shades, 'Bashful', a pale pink and 'Birthday Suit', a creamy nude. Bashful is slightly more opaque and bright, if either you're on the fairer side or that's just your preference, but I think I prefer Birthday Suit on myself. In all honesty, there's little difference once on the nails, there's really no need to get both shades. 

In terms of practicalities, you get a nice wide brush that makes application fail safe and the dry time is excellent, you barely have to wait between layers (I think 1 or 2 coats looks lovely).

I must say I'm really impressed. It gives your nails 'that little something' to show you give a damn about your appearance but is lovely and demure and simple, I guess the perfect 'barely there'. And as that's what I'm fundamentally all about, I'm a taker. I'm really into this 'incognito nail' look, and you can get it all for a mere £3.99 per polish.

What do you think??

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  1. These look so awesome and I definitely want to pick them up!

  2. oooh I saw these in store and have been waiting to see a review before purchasing. My nails are in need of some loving right now so I might pick one up this weekend. Birthday Suit looks like it would suit my skin tone more but they are both gorgeous.

    ox Lucy //

  3. Ooh, I've seen these about and wondered what they were like. My nails are in a state at the moment and I can't wear coloured polish because of work, so this looks like a good option.

  4. I didn't know about these at all, so thank you for bring them to my attention! Not sure if they are a little too sheer for me though!

    Musings & More

    1. You're welcome :) They're definitely not opaque but I personally like that, I love Essie Urban Jungle for a pale, opaque shade xx

  5. These look so pretty in your pictures! But I haven't heard of anything like this before, they sound great. I love that they're so natural looking and they help with caring for the nails too - great review!

    - - Beauty, Skin and Hair Care Haul

  6. Ooh I had no idea Barry M even released these yet, will definitely check them out asap as I like going for a more nude, barely there kind of look x

    Beauty with charm

  7. Didn't know Barry M had these! I think I'll be buying the Bashful one. Looks so a dainty barely nail polish!

    Anna Czarina Blog

  8. Did you notice any improvement in your nail condition from using these? My hardcore (and pricey) nail conditioner has glued itself shut so I picked up birthday suit and just applied. Hoping it does the trick!

    I have very thin nails that peel and break so easily :(

  9. This is much more matt than I was expecting so even after two coats I can't really see a difference! I don't really like the finish it leaves but that could just be me!

  10. I have really awful nails, due to a bad set of overlays. This polish makes my nails look healthy, whilst they slowly grow back to normal.


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