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Rose Gold.

6 December 2015 7 comments

Fashion's rose gold obsession has fully been kicked into overdrive this season and I have to say I've been sucked in (just take a look at my Christmas Gift Guides..).

Whilst the green tones in yellow gold aren't always flattering, rose gold strikes the perfect balance between cool and warm undertones, making it a great makeup shade for most skintones. Here are some of my fave beauty products to join in with the lusting. 

You can get some rose gold onto your cheeks too in the form of Stila's Rose Gold liquid luminizer (1). It's just exquisite. 

Kiko's Water Eyeshadow in 200 (2) is a beautifully metallic, beige/champagne gold with a rosy tint that can be used dry or wet to up the intensity. A must have for those after an impressive formula with an opaque glisten. 

Pixi's Oysterglow (3) admittedly isn't rose gold but it's the perfect complimentary shade and is such a fantastic smooth, creamy, longlasting formula that it deserves a mention.

I'm not overall impressed by H&M's beauty release but there are some hidden gems such as the Fairytale eyeshadow pencil (5), a creamy, waterproof, pink-gold, and the Copper Bullion liner (4) which translates into a true penny shade on the lid. 

Any of the Stila Kitten products are a safe bet, I can't get enough of that shade! Their Smudgepot (6)  is incredibly long lasting and you can use it as a liner or all over the eye. 

For nail polishes I really like Soleil Bombshell by Julep or Essie's Penny Talk but they're not the easiest shades to get hold of, so Shakudo is a fantastic alternative from H&M. A little more silver shimmer than I would ideally like but a mere £4.99 and a lovely pinky-gold hue. And I really love pairing it with plummy maroon or burgundy like H&M Governess.

What are your favourite rose gold makeup items??

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