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Scholl Express Pedi.

29 October 2015 0 comments


It's fair to say your feet go through a lot, I know mine do. Being exposed to the elements in flip flops, baring my weight for most of the day, coming into contact with carpets, muddy trainers, grass and all sorts, it's almost a wonder they haven't fallen off my legs yet. Beautiful feet are a coveted asset and with what I share with you today, that'll no longer cost 50 odd squid a pop!


Scholl's Express Pedi is the easiest way to up your footcare; beautiful feet here we come! Tagged as an 'Electronic foot file with Velvet Smooth roller head', it's essentially a comfortably abrasive spinning exfoliator with a handle, that makes beautifying your tootsies a doddle. With one of these, there is so little that stands between you and smooth, gorgeous feet. 

And that's literal, it's battery powered so just turn the thing on! Slowly glide the roller head around any areas with rough or hard skin and it gently buffers them away (make sure you use it on dry skin not wet). 

The diamond crystal roller heads themselves are interchangeable (simply by pressing the little blue button on the side and popping them out) and come in both a more and less coarse option to meet whatever needs you might have. I do like the Soft Touch one for an extra fine buffering; my heels feel... well, the best way to describe it is: indistinguishable in texture from the rest of my body. And that's good. 


After a good polish, I pop on some of my trusty wonder-all Unpetroleum to nourish my new pampered feet and add some moisture, it's a god send. To keep my Express Pedi clean, I just get a paintbrush and brush away any 'dust' on and around the roller head, so it's ready to roll and buff it's little heart out next time. 

Et voila, Scholl couldn't have frankly made it much more simple.