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New Beauty Website Launch! ShopBXB

25 October 2015 5 comments

Buying beauty products online has become a whopping great big hole in my purse but a pursuit I adore nonetheless. (They should make it a sport. I'd enter. I'd be great.) I was recently approached by the guys at ShopBXB regarding their exciting, new venture..

ShopBXB are a yet-to-launch online beauty destination that has the potential to be the next Sephora and the like (Yes, it's that big a deal).

Everything from makeup, skincare, hair, fragrance, it's all going to be available in a one stop shop, with over 35,000 products from more than 800 brands. I got to have a sneaky peek before the launch and 'found' (aka mentally have already bought) A&F Fitch, products from By Terry, Becca, NARS, Korean brands (so I may well have to add them to my Definitive Shopping Guide for Korean Beauty!), american brands, parisian brands, drugstore bargains, high end beauties, old favourites and new surprises; it's all there.

And the best bit? These next 3 words seal the deal for me. Free. Worldwide. Shipping. Aahhh! (There's a $10 shipping charge for fragrances but I'll overlook it.)

The site launches on November 2nd 2015 (after payday yay!) and they're celebrating by kicking off with a mega-sale (Up to 75% off across the site) for 48 hours. All you need to do is sign up with your email to receive your access password and get wishlisting!


  1. Wow this looks amazing!! Definitely signing up!! Thanks for sharing x x

  2. I'm so excited for their opening! It seems like a really huge thing! Can't wait! :) xx

  3. Ooh, this sounds awesome! Thanks for sharing :)

    Misia xx |

  4. Bye money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It'll be interesting to see their k-beatuy prices vs the other shops around. If I like them, then they'll be going on my list of places to buy from too! :)

    Fii | little miss fii

  5. if this site is as good as it sounds,my bank account just make a new enemy haha ^_^

    xoxo Afrodite ~ BubblyBeauty


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