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The Cinnamon Trust.

16 September 2015 4 comments


As much as I can't help but think of cinnamon buns whenever I see this post's title, today's offering is not about food. But if you're an animal lover, you might want to stick around. 

The story begins at home.. I'm not leading a settled enough life at the moment to warrant getting a much desired doggy of my own. Whilst I'm young, I like the freedom of upping sticks and jetting off for a spontaneous getaway. HOWEVER, the pull of a pooch to call my very own can be too much you understand! 

The Cinnamon Trust are a British charity (they're nationwide so you can volunteer so matter where in the UK you live) who allow volunteers to walk or foster the furry friends of those unable to give them the full-time homes or attention they need (whether this be from old age or terminal illness). This way, the pets and their owners get to maintain their special relationship, just with a bit of extra support. 

On hearing about this, I thought, this is definitely something for me; what better way to give back? Registering can take a couple of weeks dependent on how speedy your referees are, and there's some admin etc to wait around for whilst the Trust hook you up with a suitable partner. But once everything is sorted, the fun begins!




 "L'Oreal, Because I'm worth it!"


Introducing, Pebbles. My Cavalier King Charles Spaniel-shaped chum. He loves sniffing, having his ears rubbed, finding balls and has a love/hate relationship with cats. Oh, and has the world's most adorable little face. 

After you and your new besties are matched, communication is pretty much between the 2 (or 3 if you speak dog) of you. You'll have an initial, informal meet up with the owner to have a chat and meet your pooch. It's best to speak to the owner here about their pet's needs; when to schedule meetings, how they behave around children/cars/bikes/etc (Pebbles goes berserk for cats.), what treats does their pup like?!

If you think you could spare some time to help out a doggy in need (even an hour a week is fine!) then check out the Trust's work and volunteer here, it's a really good cause.