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Unpetroleum Jelly, My Beauty Secret

9 August 2015 4 comments

Love Vaseline but worried about smearing petrochemicals all over yourselves? Girls and boys, your prayers (and mine!) have been answered in the form of Alba's Unpetroleum Jelly. A Vaseline substitute made entirely of natural ingredients, this product lives on my bedside table; I'm never without a tube! Scentless, and with a texture and consistency exceedingly similar to Vaseline, it's one of my favourite beauty secrets. 

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Here are some ways I use it:

1. As a lip balm at night to wake up with smooth, soft lips every morning, or anytime my lips are dry or cracked, it heals them remarkably quickly. 

2. As a super intense eye cream (also at night) and a lash conditioner to repair my lashes from the daily onslaught of waterproof mascara/removal. If you keep this up, it makes your lashes thicker and longer too!

3. For dry/chapped elbows, hands, heels; anything that needs some tlc and restoration.

4. Mixed in with my night cream, although I do profess to sometimes recklessly smothering it all over my face neat... It's non-comogenic and doesn't break me out etc, just making my skin nice and supple. 

5. As a 'primer' on my pulse points before I spritz on perfume; it makes the scent last a little longer. 

6. To get the stubborn remnants of lash glue off my eyelids!

7. For bothersome, dry bits at the end of my nose.

8. Massinging into my nails when my manicure is looking dull, it makes the polish all shiny and saturated again.

What's your favourite beauty secret??