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31 July 2015 3 comments


I think there's a lot in a scent. It's extremely personal and I love how fragrances change dependent on the wearer. Obscure perfumes call to me and I frankly dislike many of the 'cult favourites', so I hope this post is somewhat useful! If nothing else, enjoy whilst I hopelessly try to describe fragrances!



Hollister Addison.

Mine: A pretty simple, fruity fragrance.
'Young summers'
'Tropical berries'
'Pimms and picnics'

Theirs: An intoxicating blend of pineapple, Hawaiian jasmine and sandalwood.


Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom & Honey.

Mine: Light, sweet, fresh, floral and fruity.
'Honeysuckle and peach'
'A little bit of acidic exfoliating pad scent' .. I'm sure that will go down well.. sorry Jo!

Theirs: London's Covent Garden early morning market. Cassis top notes, Acacia honey heart and peach base.


Burberry Body Tender.

Mine: Dreamy, sweet, floral, more complex.
'Sugared rose petals'
'Lying in a meadow in warm evening sun'
'A headturner'
'Chocolate box English country cottage'

Theirs: Lemon, apple & green absinthe top notes. Rose, white jasmine and sandalwood heart. Cashmeran, amber and musk base.


Stella McCartney Stella.

Mine: Sweet, sensuous, sultry scent.
'Romantic evening out'
'Summer nights in central London'
'Plum, smudgey makeup'
'Femme Fetale'

Theirs: Beautiful and unapologetically feminine. Rose, peony & mandarin topnotes. Rose heart. Amber base.


Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia.

Mine: A light, floral, ?????
'Sugared berries and lemon zest'
'Hop over the garden wall type of spontaneous day in the country'
'Pop into the drawing room to see Grandad who's smoking cigars'

Theirs: Sumptuous floral fragrance. Top notes of red berries. White gardenia and frangipani heart. Brown sugar base.



Zara Life On Peach // The Library Of Fragrance Peach

Both of these perfumes somewhat satisfy my insatiable appetite for peach-scented-anythings. The Zara offering smells more of white peach (my favourite), whilst the other offering is more of yellow peach. In terms of notes, hearts and bases, it's pretty simple. Peach. These are single scent fragrances and I adore that simplicity. 

What are your favourite fragrances??

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