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Gadgets for Travel, What I Pack

6 July 2015 2 comments

Holiday season is fast upon us and mastering the art of 'packing light' isn't always the easiest thing in life to do. So I've been having a good old think about how to get this packing nonsense down, and thought I would share the beginning of my thoughts, namely gadgets.

1. Ipad. I rarely take my laptop abroad. If I want to be escaping to some foreign paradise, why bring the one thing that reminds me most of productivity? However there is something to be said for having a trusty Ipad around. Access to the internet on a decent sized screen, watching videos offline on the plane etc, and the Kindle app are my main pursuits, whilst lazying around a pool (or something equally as apathetic) of course. (Mine's this one if you wanted to know!)

2. Compact Camera. As much as I would love to take my SLR, if I'm real with myself, it's too bulky. Investing in a good quality compact is a pretty good use of a few hundred pounds. My Sony takes photos almost as good as his SLR cousin, preserving all my memories in HD quality and is the most reliable camera I've had. I would highly recommend this one if you're willing to spend a bit, this one if you're more on a budget and this one if you're after a complete bargain, they're all truly fantastic quality.

3. Music. It's not a lesser known fact that the battery life on my phone is, quite frankly, rubbish. And there's something to be said for a gadget that isn't multi-functional, it just plays music. My fave, the good old Classic has space for a gazillion songs (which is great for popping on shuffle and remembering songs you put on light years ago) but is sadly being discontinued (why Apple?!) but you can still pick it up here, so I would rushhhh and get one asap. (Of course they're still available on eBay.)

4. Headphones. I'm definitely guilty of using the Apple earpods as I've accrued a fair few pairs of them now, but something with a little better quality like these Sennheiser or Bose make all the difference to your listening experience (whether it be Jamie XX or Stephen Fry reading Harry Potter) and are worth the extra cash.

5. Activity Tracker. Possibly contentious this one! I just like to know for curiosity's sake what my body's up to whilst i'm on holiday, whether I've worked off that gigantic pavlova I had for breakfast or how well I slept. Whether on hols or not, I really love my Jawbone but Fitbit do great alternatives.