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BD Trade Secrets Dream Shimmer Highlighter

24 July 2015 1 comment

Highlighter is fast becoming my new obsession. And if it's yours too, I'm telling you to all get yourselves down to Tesco's, of all places, and pick up this beauty.

BD Trade Secrets (formerly known as Barbara Daly) is Tesco's own brand of makeup, which I've always overlooked. I'm hardly enamoured by the brand names (past or present!) but they've outdone themselves with this exquisite highlighter-come-blush-come-bronzer; let's just say.. 'Glow-ifier'!

The Dream Shimmer highlighter in Radiant Bronze is everything you could ask for. Sleek gold case. Simple, large mirror. Pretty, embossed shell design. Creamy, pigmented colours. Everything reminiscent of a high end product, but costing a mere £7.99, hallelu!

4 beautiful shades; Chocolate plum, Golden bronze, Pastel pink (which is actually rather reminiscent of NARS Orgasm) and Soft shell.

I mix the colours in the right side of the palette for a gorgeous rosy highlight and keep the left side free for use as eyeshadows, because who doesn't love a good multitasking product?!

Quick, hop it down to your local Tesco, how could you possibly resist?!